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Nebraska Recruiting: National Signing Day is Upon Us!

Quiet Day for Nebraska Bookends Quality Class

Good morning, good morning! I hope today finds you all in fine fettle! It’s National Signing Day 2019, which is like Election Day, only more important to the future of society!

There isn’t much to report on today Huskerwise. The coaching staff is actively recruiting only one individual who announces today: three star wide receiver Demariyon Houston. Portents point to him signing with Nebraska. There are a few other names to keep track of if you are really really into recruiting, however.

Desmond Bland is committed to Nebraska. Will he sign with the Cornhuskers? Will he sign with anyone? He stopped answering the phone for reporters weeks ago. No one knows what’s going on here, but rumor has it he didn’t get his grades in line to qualify anywhere, not even Kansas State. Ouch.

Tavian Mayo is a three star cornerback that Nebraska was interested in back in the fall. All signs point to him signing with West Virginia.

Jamel Starks is another three star athlete Nebraska wanted, but it appears since Mayo is getting the slot in West By-God, he is going to Louisville.

Demariyon Houston announces his commitment at 10AM central time. Stay tuned here for news one way or the other.

John Bivens is a three star running back from Dayton, Ohio. Nebraska was considering him at one time. He had amazing junior film until he tore like every single ligament in his knee. He may sign with Toledo, but he may have to go the prep school route, or possibly his football career is over.

Nebraska’s class is currently sitting at 19 with 247, 14 with Rivals. This is a very solid class with no glaring holes, except for the lack of a pass-rushing outside linebacker. This will be a priority in the upcoming class. The most noteworthy item is the lack of scrambling for commits due to miss after miss early in the recruiting cycle. It’s good to have a quiet National Signing Day. Enjoy the lack of drama today, ladies and gentlemen! And also the commentors on this site. GBR!