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Frosted Flakes: An Ailing Nebraska Coach And A Better State Slogan

All sorts of news happenings today. Spring Practice cometh soon.

Jon Johnston

Nebraska OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt Battling Cancer | Hail Varsity

Jovan Dewitt, Nebraska’s outside linebacker coach and special team’s coordinator, is battling a form of cancer in his throat.

Head coach Scott Frost revealed the diagnosis during an appearance on the Husker Sports Nightly radio show Wednesday night, adding that Dewitt will be missing some time when the Huskers begin spring practices next Monday.

This sucks. Cancer always sucks. We here at CN hope for a great and quick recovery for Coach DeWitt.

Hoops Preview: 2018-19 Nebraska | mgoblog

Nebraska was already one of the most bench-averse teams in the country before Copeland went out for the year midway through the Ohio State game. At that point Nebraska was 13-6 with a smattering of good wins and was tracking towards that elusive tournament bid. Since: 2-7 with road games at Michigan and Michigan State next up. Have fun storming the castle!

Nebrasketball season is nearly over.

Frost’s Take On The State Slogan

Frost riffs on Nebraska slogan | |

“That presents a challenge for us,” Frost said. “As a quick aside on that note, I’ve been around Nebraska my whole life and I do believe Nebraska is the good life. The Nebraska Tourism Board, you guys have probably heard this, have adopted the slogan, ‘Honestly, It’s Not for Everybody.’ That doesn’t really make much sense to me. Some of the people who decided that are probably in the room, and I apologize.”

He pressed on with a smile.

“I’m not sure that slogan’s going to help us in recruiting,” he said. “It’s like having a restaurant saying, ‘Our food’s pretty good sometimes and some people like it.’”

The crowd laughed. And so did Frost. Then, he outlined how the Husker football program isn’t for everybody, either.

“Honestly, It’s Not For Everybody” is infinitely better than “Nebraska Nice” or whatever storefront-based crap someone in marketing would want to toss up because it’s proper and may make people feel good about themselves.

I live in a state where “Minnesota Nice” is part of the culture. It has nothing to do with being nice. Polite, yes, but not nice. Minnesotans are not a friendly people. It will take you 20 years to get to know someone because their entire lives are pre-planned and you don’t fit.

Everyone is passive-aggressive and it shows on the freeways. The entire state can’t zipper merge as people continually pull out into the open line to prevent anyone from driving fast and there are constantly slow drivers in the left lane; not because they fear for your safety but because they want to control you and let out some of the anger they keep internalized because “Minnesota Nice” means never saying what you’re really thinking.

Could we have a better state slogan?

Of course.

“Nebraska, Not Under Water Any Time Soon” might be fitting.

“Nebraska, You Can Check Out Any Time You Like But You Can Never Leave.”

I look forward to the day when we can honestly change our state slogan to “Nebraska, We’ll Kick Your Ass” or “Nebraska, Stomping Your Guts Out Because We Can.”

Get to work, Scott. Dammit.

Bo Pelini Is Paid Off

Maybe now we can all shut the fuck up about the guy.


What if Penn State Wrestled Iowa This Year? - Black Shoe Diaries

Thanks to the Delaneybot’s Big Ten schedule, Penn State missed wrestling Iowa this year, so BSD hung out with Iowa wrestling blogger RossWB, to carve up what might have happened if they had.

The Big Ten Wrestling Tournament is at Minnesota’s Williams Arena on Saturday and Sunday, March 8th and 9th. I’d still like to find someone who will cover wrestling. Anyone going to be there?

Alex Hornibrook Leaves Wisconsin Football

Wisconsin football: QB Alex Hornibrook leaves program, reportedly in Transfer Portal - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Spring practices just got more interesting.

Wisconsin football: Alex Hornibrook leaves Badgers; what’s next for UW? - Bucky’s 5th Quarter
Thoughts and expectations for the position group


Gary Dolphin Reinstated for 2019-20 Basketball Season - Black Heart Gold Pants

Fran McCaffery Suspended Two Games - Black Heart Gold Pants
This is his second suspension in nine years

Toni Harris explains how she broke all the barriers to get a football scholarship -
Free safety Toni Harris became a household name during the Super Bowl when she appeared in an ad for Toyota after becoming the first woman in history to be offered a college football scholarship to play defense.

Johnny Manziel released by CFL team, league says no team can sign him -
Manziel has essentially been banned from the CFL.

Then There’s This

Not all sleep is equal when it comes to cleaning the brain -- ScienceDaily
New research shows how the depth of sleep can impact our brain's ability to efficiently wash away waste and toxic proteins. Because sleep often becomes increasingly lighter and more disrupted as we become older, the study reinforces and potentially explains the links between aging, sleep deprivation, and heightened risk for Alzheimer's disease.

This Guy Spent a Year Eating Expired Food and Didn’t Die - MUNCHIES
To prove his point, he spent an entire year trying not to be afraid of eating food that was “outdated” or that had “expired.” He did not die. “I ate some tortillas that were a year past date. Some of the meats I ate were quite a few weeks past date,” he said. “I ate heavy cream that was a few months past date. I ate yogurt that was seven, eight or nine months past date.”