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Friday Flakes: Outrage Over the Tim Miles Comment is Not a Surprise and Devine Ozigbo Has Been Working Out

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

“If they fire me, they’re still going to pay me. I’m still a millionaire.”

Yep, that quote looks pretty damning. It doesn’t look good. That is, unless you actually listened to the interview.

Even before the outrage, I heard about this podcast episode and listened to it as soon as I could. I heard the quote and didn’t think a single thing of it. It is almost an hour long conversation about what it is like to be on the hot seat, his history, his family and his players. He even mentions what he believes to be the biggest mistake of his time here at Nebraska. I thought that was a pretty big deal, but you know what became the story?

A joke. A comment made in jest.

One of the biggest mistakes we make now is to believe that twitter outrage is any indication of real life. While 87% of Americans know about twitter, only 7% actually use twitter. It is a vocal minority.

But this is how it goes now. Somebody knew that quote would cause outrage, so it was time to put it on twitter and then here we go.

Coach Miles, tweeted out an apology. I wish it was a middle finger. He’s a better person than me.

He is pretty much reiterating what he said on the podcast. That 98% of coaches are not in it for the money, but people didn’t hear that because they took the quote and ran.

Sausha, a producer for The Bottom Line said it best:

Here’s that interview if you’re actually interested.

Anyways, moving on I guess.

Devine Ozigbo Has Been Working Out It Appears

Who would want to tackle this guy?

Husker News

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Sports News

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Larry Legend

Anybody who has been around high school basketball in eastern Nebraska has probably seen this official. If you read the comments he’s earned his nickname. The guy just loves what he is doing. I was one of the coaches on the bench so I got a pretty good view.

The Best Thing I Saw On the Internet This Week x 3

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!