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Frosted Flakes: Tim Miles, Jerry Kill Hates on PJ Fleck, And Why You Don’t Want Nebraska to Be A Nike School

Why is there a snowplow photo? You’ll just have to read today’s news links.

Major Winter Storm Hammers East Coast With High Winds And Heavy Snow Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Nebrasketball - Death Watch Begins

So the death watch has begun on Tim Miles. Someone in the comments yesterday asked why we haven’t yet done any articles on new coaches. Reason - because there is plenty of time for that. There are still some games left in the season and I don’t think any of us on the CN staff paying attention to basketball relish the idea of firing Tim Miles.

I read responses on FB to OWH and Husker Extra articles some times when I’m bored. Man, fans are brutal. FIRE HIM NOW! Because that will solve a problem that’s existed for decades and make the next guy want to come here even more.

Then there’s always that one guy - “I told everyone I know he wouldn’t be a good coach when he was hired.” Sure you did, because you’re the one Nebrasketball fan who carries a list of possible coaches around with him in his wallet.

We’ll have time to discuss it when the end comes. Maybe until then I’ll come up with some football articles to keep you all interested.

Stephen Bardo got into this a bit on a personal level that’s somewhat unexpected for him. He has a point. There was a lot of hope because of the senior leadership on this team, and the seniors appear to have checked out. Maybe they’ll find some energy at PBA for the next game.

You all know how much I love Kent. Most people do. He’s been nothing but gracious throughout his career. Perhaps one day he’ll do a book, a tell-all book about all the things he’s seen in the world of Husker sports.

Would you buy it?

More Basketball Pain

Let’s get something straight about Nebrasketball. It’s a game for 99% of Husker fans. It’s something that occurs between the end of football and the beginning of spring football. It’d be nice to have a winning team, get that NCAA tournament win, and everyone who goes to PBA regularly would be happy. It is not like this for some of our Big Ten brethren.

Indiana - Purdue, though. That’s not a game. That’s like Nebraska - Oklahoma football on massive amounts of steroids. Yes, I’ve blasphemed again, this time to make a point.

The Rivalry: F*ck You, Matt Haarms - Hammer and Rails
Sports hate, a rivalry, there is a line and Indiana makes a habit of crossing it

It will only get worse for Indiana basketball - The Crimson Quarry

Tuesday night’s loss to Purdue wasn’t rock bottom. Not even close.

Jerry Kill Dishes on PJ Fleck

No doubt you saw this. Kill goes all out on smashing Fleck into the ground, even bringing up his failed marriage. Here is what others had to say about it.

Minnesota Football: Defending P.J. Fleck’s “authenticity” is an unwinnable argument - The Daily Gopher
The people who doubt Fleck’s altruistic motives are never going to be convinced otherwise

Minnesota Football: Jerry Kill can’t believe P.J. Fleck fired Tracy Claeys - The Daily Gopher
To make matters worse, Fleck had the nerve to bring his own culture to Minnesota

Jerry Kill attacks Gophers HC PJ Fleck about marriage, coaching - Off Tackle Empire
Former Gophers coach makes it all about himself yet again while claiming current Gopher coach makes it all about himself.

You Still Want Nebraska To Be A Nike School?

Nike’s $350 self-lacing sneakers are bricking because of an app problem -

Zion Williamson literally blows out his shoe, suffers knee sprain vs. North Carolina

The first meeting of Duke and North Carolina this season got off to a rough start when Zion Williamson was taken out of the game in the opening minute with a knee injury. As Williamson drove the ball into the teeth of the Tar Heel defense, his left foot busted out of his shoe and he went down clutching his right knee.

And what kind of shoe was Williamson wearing????? Hmmm????

Other Stuff

Huskers Compete For Conference Title - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The No. 11 Nebraska rifle team will compete for a conference title this weekend at the GARC Championships in Akron, Ohio. Match action will begin at 7 a.m. CT on Friday and Saturday.

How close to greatness is UCF’s spread-iso offense? - Football Study Hall
UCF blew away the AAC in 2018 only to come up short against LSU in the Fiesta Bowl. How close were the Knights against the dreaded Tiger D and what’s next for the aspiring national contenders?

Steelers won’t tag Le’Veon Bell, letting him hit free agency. A win-win -
Pittsburgh won’t waste its transition tag on a player it likely wouldn’t have kept anyway.

The Blue Bloods Are Dying?

Florida State 2019 spring football preview -- Uncertain future for Seminoles
Willie Taggart ended a nightmarish first season at Florida State with a bit of history he surely did not want: The Seminoles posted their first losing season since 1976. The same problems that had plagued them the previous season only grew: inconsistency at quarterback, poor offensive-line play and too many penalties. Clemson handed FSU the worst home loss in school history, and rival Florida took out years of frustration with a 41-14 win in the regular-season finale that gave Taggart plenty to think about this long offseason.

USC 2019 spring preview -- Plenty of questions after losing season
Nothing that will take place between now and the start of the season has a good chance to generate much enthusiasm about USC football. After collapsing to 5-7 in 2018, USC's large fan base is quickly growing disinterested, and offseason talk isn't going to change that. Trojan fans are no longer buying what coach Clay Helton is selling.

Wide Receiver George Campbell to Transfer to Penn State - Black Shoe Diaries
A former five-star wide receiver is bringing his talents to Happy Valley.

Then There’s This

Midwest Monologues: Why Would You Say That?

On two different times Sunday, an official or a coach who had been on the other side of the net told me that they were impressed that I coached my team all the way till the end. Huh?

My first thought was, that’s literally my job. My job is to help these young athletes get better, learn from every mistake, and grow their competence and confidence in volleyball.

This is by that one guy who used to write about volleyball for us.... you know... Terry. Tim. Ted. Something with a “T”, I think.

City officials respond to snowplow taking out 30 blocks of mailb - KLKN-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;

Three days after a city snowplow took out thirty blocks of mailboxes along Normal Blvd. they're responding and reassuring homeowners they will replace them.



Let me tell you a horrible story about myself.

Years ago, I headed to Jacksonville, Florida to attend the wedding of a friend. Several other friends were going to be there as well and before I left Nebraska I had informed them of my goal to not drink any alcohol while in Florida. They laughed, of course. It was the 123rd time I’d stated my goal to quit drinking.

Don’t get the idea I was never successful.

Sometimes I’d quit drinking for a day or two. Sometimes I’d quit for several hours. Once I quit for six fucking months, and you know what happened? NO ONE NOTICED. I shit you not. This was later on in life when I was adulting, but still, you’d think that someone would have said, “Hey, you haven’t drank beer in quite a while now, congratulations.”

They did not.

I learned life lessons from that experience.

One, people are too wrapped up in their own personal problems to give a fuck about you. They are. You might think you have the most expensive car around, and that people look at you and your clothes and think you’re successful and have it all together and it’s not true. It’s a big bunch of bullshit. They are not thinking about you, your car, or your clothes. They’re thinking about how they’d really like to have a hot ham and cheese sandwich right now.

Second, I’m the same loud-mouthed obnoxious asshole whether drunk or sober. Otherwise they would have noticed, right? Did I just contradict my first point? Hmmm....

Okay, back to Florida.

So I quit drinking long enough to get off the plane and walk about 150 yards into the airport to find my friends in a bar. We have some drinks. We have some laughs. We decide that we should leave the airport bar and go somewhere else. It’s getting dark and we want to get to a party or something.

We go out and get into this jeep-like vehicle. I can’t remember what it was, but there wasn’t enough room for all of us, so I climb into the very back where the tailgate is. It’s a beautiful Florida evening. The street lights are on. We’re on the freeway for a bit and then we’re in the suburbs. I have no idea. I can’t see. All of a sudden, I start hearing crashing and the jeep is swerving back and forth on the road. My friends in the front are screaming. I’m wondering what the hell is going on as I look forward, but I can’t see anything.

I turn around and look behind the jeep and the street is strewn with garbage cans and trash flying everywhere because it’s fucking garbage day tomorrow and this buddy of mine has decided to see how many garbage cans he can hit on his way through suburbia.

This is one of those things you couldn’t do today. Someone, probably me, would have taken a video with their phone and shared it. Then the police would have come and found us. My dream of being a respectable member of the community would be quashed forever.

I’m still amazed that no one ever ran out into the street screaming. No one took a shot at us. No one got in their cars and tried to run us down.

I wonder if anyone did that to the snow plow guy. Did they want to shoot him? Did they try to run him down? Does no one in Lincoln own a snowmobile they keep easily accessible in the front yard?

What the hell, Lincoln?