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Frosted Flakes: Haiku Time Again

Because time is something we lose

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NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Old jerseys come back

Another win for the books

Whataburger please








Anyway, on to flakes...


Just for starters: The offensive returners for Nebraska
A closer look at those who started a game on offense for Nebraska in 2018.

Nebraska basketball wins second straight game, defeats Northwestern 59-50 | Sports |
Nebraska basketball picked up its second win in a row, grinding out a 59-50 victory over Northwestern Saturday.

Spending snow time in the sand: Nebraska beach volleyball
Spending snow time in the sand: Nebraska beach volleyball

Husker D-line coach salary stacked up near the top in FBS
Moos knows Frost will be mindful of chemistry with D-line hire

Other News from the Sporting World

All 8 AAF rosters, ranked by recruiting ratings -
As you might expect, the Southeastern teams’ players were more touted in high school than the Southwestern teams.

Why Zion Williamson Defies Belief - The Ringer
The Duke star is a phenomenon like Bo Jackson and Steph Curry

Rick Pitino coaches Panathinaikos to Greek Cup title | NCAA Basketball | Sporting News We can kick him out of the NCAA, and he still wins.

Denny Hamlin dodges crashes, wins dramatic Daytona 500 - Orlando Sentinel
Denny Hamlin prevailed during the closest finish in Daytona 500 history, dodging multiple crashes en route to victory lane.

The Passion of Mike Piazza: How the midlife crisis of a baseball Hall of Famer led to the demise of a 100-year-old Italian soccer club – The Athletic
The mayor of Reggio Emilia accuses Piazza of “disrespecting” his town. The ultras who initially cheered Piazza painted death threats on the walls of the team’s headquarters. ($)

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Does Drinking Coffee Affect Your Gut Health? Here’s What The Research Shows
If, like Lorelai Gilmore, coffee is your co-pilot, the thought of giving it up for any reason might seem incomprehensible. But if you have a leaky gut, perhaps you've wondered if coffee affects your gut health. Unfortunately, the answer is yes.…

What would happen if Facebook were turned off? - Free exchange
THERE HAS never been such an agglomeration of humanity as Facebook. Some 2.3bn people, 30% of the world’s population, engage with the network each month. Economists reckon it may yield trillions of dollars’ worth of value for its users.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter - The New York Times
A cluttered home can be a stressful home, researchers are learning.

Acoustic Assimilation