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Friday Flakes: A Sampling of Nebraska Football’s Local Perception

Maybe it is just me...

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

On Wednesday at basketball practice, Brad, a fellow assistant coach mentioned to me that ESPN came out with their most recent Way-Too-Early Top 25 for next year’s college football season.

He asked, “Do you think Nebraska is in it?”

My reaction, “They shouldn’t be but probably are.”

“Yep. They’re number 24.”

As I pulled into work this morning Damon Benning and Gary Sharp, of Sharp and Benning, asked whether there is a large disconnect with how local fans feel about Nebraska when compared to the national media. As in, the national media has a more positive outlook about Nebraska in 2019 than the local fan base.

There might be a disconnect.

I immediately thought that there wasn’t anyone in my circle of friends that believes Nebraska should be in any “too early” top 25. So just to check I asked 12 of my friends (8 men and 4 women) about their expectations for next year.

I learned pretty quickly that I was wrong.

To begin, I asked for their projected win total not including the bowl game. After compiling their answers the average came out to 8.6 wins. The highest being 11 and the lowest was 6 wins.

Then I asked for any additional comments which some but not all added to their prediction. I am aware that just picking a win total doesn’t mean whether somebody believes we should be in a top 25, but I do think it is an indicator.

Let’s start with somebody reasonable...

Bri: “I’d say, easier schedule so 7. I think we’ll make a bowl.”

And now let’s go the other direction....

Chris: “I would say that we finished the year really strong and have a decent recruiting class and a great developer. Now with a full year I would say new year they win 11 games. Possibly the Big 10 West. Seriously I think they beat one of either Wisconsin or Ohio State. Sheesh. Possibly 12 yikes. Maybe too optimistic but a full year of strength and culture change and they are going to be that much better.”

Brent B: “Ever the optimist myself I am going with 10 wins.”

Brent S: “I really think last year we were four plays from being 8-4 if not a few more from being a 9 win team. I try not to be that unrealistic Husker Fan but I think we win 9 games. I think we win all games but Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio State, and Northwestern with an upset of one of those 4.”

Kyle: “I think there’s a good chance we win the Spring Game. I think we lose to Ohio State and Wisconsin. Are they winnable? I think so after the way we competed last year. Until we beat them though, those two will get the benefit of the doubt...I’m predicting 9-3 with a second place finish in the West. Bowl win against Texas A&M or Florida. Top 12 recruiting class.”

Chad: “We improved so much over the course of the year and if he gets more time things could get great fast. I would put our over under on wins for next year at 8. Schedule is easier and Frost has more of “his guys.” Adrian Martinez - I have concerns on if he can stay healthy because in most offenses the QB is the key to it all...we have potential to be the number one offense in the B1G next year and if our defense can be mediocre then I think 8 wins is definitely a number we can hit.”

Jeff: “Favorable schedule is telling me 10-2 but still building the team moves it to 8-4 with a couple close losses we should have won. Rent a car if you’re driving out to Boulder for the game.”

Aaron: “Still glaring concerns in the trenches on both sides of the ball. What have we fixed since last year?” He picked 8 games.

The Wife: “6 just to be against the grain.”

The Wife is from Missouri. Just sayin’.

My turn.

I just try to remind myself of a couple things when thinking about how many games Nebraska could win.

First, Nebraska won four games last year. The Huskers lose four of its’ top five tacklers from a defense that was porous at best. We are making a lot of assumptions that the guys behind those seniors are going to be upgrades.

It is true that the 2019 recruiting class should help, especially Darrion Daniels, but realistically it is hard to ask kids to make an immediate impact right away. Unless you are Alabama, Rutgers or Clemson.

On offense, which is the strength of this team and will likely be as long as Scott Frost is here, Nebraska loses one of the top receivers in school history and a likely NFL draft pick (in my opinion) in Devine Ozigbo. So coming back we have JD Spielman who ended last season hobbled with an injury and Maurice Washington. We all know that at this point it might be safe to not expect Washington in 2019. When more information comes forward then maybe we can change our tune.

If Washington is out for 2019, then Dedrick Mills might be the biggest member of the 2019 recruiting class.

That is a lot of negativity. It is warranted. Maybe it protects me from getting disappointed.

Good thing Nebraska has Adrian Martinez. That is a reason for hope.

I’m going with 7 wins. I wouldn’t be upset if I’m wrong.

Yes, I get to change that as the winds change.

Herbie Through A Historic Lens

The Huskers twitter account tweeted this on Wednesday afternoon. The real important question is which version of Herbie do you not want to meet in a dark alley.?

A Friendly Wager - Help Us Decide

In our slack chat room on Wednesday night there was an conversation among the writers that we should approach another SBNation site and say that whoever wins in one of our head-to-head match-ups this season, that the loser has to get a tattoo.

Jon would be the one getting the tattoo we decided. Fortunately or unfortunately for Jon, he was not involved in the conversation.

So we wanted to approach the Corn Nation readers and help us decide where Jon should get the tattoo. The tattoo would be the mascot or emblem of another Big 10 University. Let us know!


Where on his body should Jon get a tattoo?

This poll is closed

  • 26%
    Lower back
    (47 votes)
  • 47%
    Left butt-cheek
    (85 votes)
  • 11%
    (20 votes)
  • 5%
    (9 votes)
  • 10%
    (19 votes)
180 votes total Vote Now

On to the flakes...

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An Explosion of Nostalgia

This probably dates me a little bit, but I remember when this came out. It was awesome. I know there have to be a bunch of you that remember this commercial.


I couldn’t stop laughing...

Exhibit 3,546 why I prefer dogs.

And I’ll just leave this here. Have a great weekend and as always thanks for reading!