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Five Heart Podcast: Bedding Cattle and Husker WBB

Hooch and Jon talk Husker women’s basketball with the expert, Jill Heemstra

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NCAA Womens Basketball: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

In all reality, I could have published this episode on Thursday and had it BEFORE the Husker women’s basketball team played Purdue.

But I 100% wasn’t that smart. That’s on me. As we got recording, and I said on the show “of course this will drop after the Purdue game,” it was locked in. So apologies and such.

In this episode, Jill Heemstra joins us and we talk about bedding cattle. But let’s face it - we know why you’re all here. To talk about the Nebraska women’s basketball team!

There are plenty of opportunities for this middle-of-the-pack team to make some upward movement before the Big Ten Tournament. But the W’s need to start happening. As I’m typing this, the Huskers are up 62-43 on the road at Purdue. That’s a great start. So we’ll see how it goes for the Scarlet and Cream clad ladies of Lincoln.

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