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CornNation OverReaction Podcast: Volleyball, Basketball, Football - Something For EVERYBODY!

Jon, Greg, Beth, Kevin. It’s a Corn Nation grab-bag of goodness.

Jon Johnston

Greg and I get on the internets and talk to:

  • Beth - about the volleyball weekend that was. Nebraska caused fan fits all over, and I admit I was rooting for Creighton just a little bit against Minnesota.
  • Kevin - about the wonder of Nebraska vs Creighton in basketball, about this team, when they’re going to come together, how they can miss so many free throws and whether or not this young team really understands the rivalry with the Bluejays.
  • Ourselves - the COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF teams were released. Was there controversy? What about the bowls? What would have happened if Ohio State would have lost to Wisconsin? Will a warm-weather team ever come North for a playoff game?

We’re still doing overreactions despite Nebraska’s football season coming to an end. The world hasn’t ended! Life is going on, and so are we!

We just need a good name for this damned thing.