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Minnesota vs Creighton Volleyball In Photos

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Creighton played the Gophers tough, but it just wasn’t enough in the end.

Jon Johnston

What is this?

Not one, but two articles about Creighton volleyball? Are we a Creighton site now? Are we Jayskers?

Let’s not get crazy.

Perhaps it’s a celebration that the state of Nebraska produces high-level athletes in a collegiate sport, more than enough to fill one team. And perhaps, sometimes, I can have a soft spot in my heart for them high-falootin’ people in Omaha. Or maybe I just wanted to shove out some photos. Take your pick.

Walking into Maturi Pavilion I mentioned to a couple Gopher fans that they were in for a tougher match than they expected. They poo-poo’ed me. Maybe they thought the Bluejays would be a pushover. They most assuredly were not. You could feel the nerves of the Gopher faithful as Creighton nearly won that match and ended Minnesota’s season.


Did you see this?


We’re a volleyball state!