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Nebrasketball: Creighton Demolishes Nebraska 95-76

It was kinda terrible, but what did you really expect?

UAB v Iowa State Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It was about as bad as it can get for our beloved Huskers today against in-state rival Creighton.

Nebraska came out as cold as cold could be. At the 10:08 mark, Nebraska had scored only four points, trailing 27-4. With 4:47 left in the half, it was 37-8. The Huskers made 2 of their first 19 shots.

Nebraska played better in the second half, going on a 18-7 run. They pulled within 20 points at that point, but Creighton’s Marcus Zegarowski hit a three-pointer to push the lead back to 74-49.

Haanif Cheatham led Nebraska with 14 points. Cam Mack and Thor Thorbjarnarson had 12, Matej Kavas added 11 and Jervay Green had 10.

Creighton’s Zegarowski lead all scorers with 30, hitting four 3-pointers and finished 13-of-19 from the field. Ty-Shon Alexander had 22 points, Mitch Ballock had 13, and Christian Bishop had 10 points and 9 rebounds.

Nebraska finished 13-of-24 from the line, an area that must improve. Despite the horrible horrible shooting in the first half, Nebraska ended up 42% from the field, shooting 27-for-65. They were 9-of-27 from 3-point range.

The good news - they didn’t just fold up and quit when they were absolutely demolished before halftime. The score 48-22 at half.

If you’re expecting a good team this season, don’t.If you are going to watch this season, expecting results, don’t.

If you’ve paid attention, you know that this is about as big a rebuild as possible, replacing an entire roster and starting from scratch.

You’d watch this team if you want to watch something grow from its birth. Improvement is what we’re looking for.

If that’s not what you’re into, I suggest you wait until next year.