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Andre Hunt, Katerian LeGrone In NCAA Transfer Portal

Both men have been suspended from the University of Nebraska

Jon Johnston

According to 247Sports, Nebraska wide receiver Andre Hunt and tight end Katerian LeGrone have both entered the NCAA transfer portal. Both were implicated in a report by ESPN’s OutSide The Lines yesterday that they will be facing a 2.5 year year suspension from the University of Nebraska because of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault by both men against another student before football season began.

ESPN stated the following:

The report issued Wednesday states that the “greater weight of the evidence” supported that the two men “engaged in sexual assault and sexual harassment, in violation of university sexual misconduct policies” on Aug. 25 at their off-campus apartment.

Both were suspended indefinitely before the season. The reason was not known until ESPN released their report.

Hunt was a three-star wide receiver out of Lawndale, CA, expected to contribute this season. Legrone was a former UCF recruit who followed Scott Frost to Nebraska in late 2017.