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CornNation Loses Your Money: Conference Championship Edition

Someday soon, Nebraska football will play in December.

Big Ten Championship - Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Mike: Jon reminded me Thursday that football season is only over for the Huskers.

Jill: Football goes on when the Huskers are not bowling? The world is cruel and unfair.

Patrick: I have nothing to contribute today.

Pac-12 Championship; Santa Clara, CA

Utah (-6.5) vs. Oregon

Mike: Sorry, Pawwwwwlll. I do want to see Utah get a shot in the College Football Playoff. Utes 34, Duck 27

Jill: Out of all of my preseason predictions, this one might have been the closest to a ‘good’ one I had (picking Utah for the playoff). I’m going all-in. Utes by 10.

Patrick: Utah should win. I want them to win. I’d like Utah to make the playoff and win the first game against an SEC opponent because they don’t believe football takes place west of Texas. Well, most of the country doesn’t believe it does but I digress. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for mountain state teams outside of CU. However, the Pa-12 eats their own. Go Utes but...University of Oregon 23 University of Utah 21

Big XII Championship; JerryWorld

Oklahoma (-8.5) vs. Baylor

Mike: Baylor should still be smarting from blowing that 28-3 lead over the Sooners three weeks ago. Give me the upset in the rematch. Bears 38, Soondoggies 30

Jill: Baylor winning would clear the way for the Utes to be selected to the playoff. Still don’t want to root for them. I prefer a scenario where the game is fugly and neither team looks good but Okie pulls out a squeaker by three.

Patrick: No clue on this one. Could go either way. Baylor University 32 University of Oklahoma 28

SEC Championship; Atlanta

LSU (-7) at Georgia

Mike: Chaos theory would call for Georgia to win this one, especially when they are a short drive from home. But LSU is trying to convince the committee they should get the top berth in the playoff. And Finebaum would love to have two SEC teams in the playoff. Not going to happen. Coach O crashes into the playoff solo. Tigers 45, Dawgs 27

Jill: I agree with Mike. The Tigers represent the SEC in the playoff and Husker fans get to cheer for Joe Burrow. Tigers by 12.

Patrick: COACH O GONNA WIN DA CAJD!?OASFJGE$*@O#WINA&NVOI*)(?><ENASDLD! Louisiana State University 38 University of Georgia 27

ACC Championshp; Charlotte

Clemson (-29) vs. Virginia

Mike: Dabo is playing the Indiana faux-outrage card this week. It’s not disrespect; they watch you bumble through September then crush an awful ACC schedule. Speaking of awful... this game. Clempson 56, Uva 17

Jill: This game does appear to be an awful ending to a less-than-stellar ACC season. Tigers by 60 because Dabo is trying to make a point. Unfortunately no one is impressed.

Patrick: Death comes quickly in the ACC. This is a bad number. Clemson University 52 University of Virginia 17

B1G Championship; Indianapolis

Ohio State (-16.5) vs. Wisconsin

Mike: It’s tough to beat the same team twice in a season. But Ohio State is just too much this season. Bucknuts 45, Bucky 20

Jill: Buckeyes really appear to be the best team in the country and represent some of the worst pre-season predictions I made (next to the Huskers of course). I not only thought OSU might take a step backwards under a first year coach and transfer quarterback (you know those never work out outside of Russell Wilson) but I think I picked Cincinnati over the Buckeyes as my upset of the year. Oops. Sorry Badgers, I’ve learned my lesson. Bucks not only win but they cover because they want to be sure to hang on to that #1 seed.

Patrick: I’m surprised the number is this low. I expect this to be like the ACC game. Also, I’d just like to point out that I picked this match up in August. Ohio State University 48 University of Wisconsin 21