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The Fourth Worst Nebraska Football Moment of the Decade: Big 12 Championship Game Loss to Oklahoma in 2010

This is going to be short.

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 04 Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v Nebraska Photo by Ray Carlin/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

What a wasted opportunity. Nebraska hasn’t won a conference championship since 1999 and we piss this opportunity down the toilet. It was an opportunity not only for Nebraska to end that championship drought, but also an opportunity to give the proverbial middle finger to the Big 12 (well mainly Texas because they run the joint) on our way out to the Big 10.’

Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v Nebraska Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It was set up perfect. We were even up 17-0 partway through the second quarter. Travis Lewis intercepts the ball and things go south.

Nebraska had four turnovers in the game and was shut out in the second half. Nebraska’s defense did a pretty good job and held Oklahoma to only two field goals in the second half.

What a fricken wasted opportunity.

Of all the heart break over the past decade, this is probably the most hurtful. We had some embarrassing blowouts to the likes of Ohio State and Wisconsin. This game, however, was right there for the taking and Nebraska simply couldn’t get out of its way.

Martinez was not healthy. He wasn’t his electric explosive self and it hurt the offense. Nebraska was in striking distance in the fourth quarter but T-Magic took a sack. He was sacked seven times in the game and they each one seemed to hurt more and more.

Both Roy Helu Jr. and Rex Burkhead almost went for 100 yards rushing each. I mean, Burkhead even had his own touchdown pass!

Still couldn’t get it done. What a waste.

Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v Nebraska Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images