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2010s - Nebraska Football’s Best Moments of the Decade: 10 - 6

You guys voted! Here are the results.

Southern Miss v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

We recently published some articles allowing the Corn Nation community to vote on the best and worst moments of this past decade. In this article I am going to highlight moments ten through six. Then five through one will get their own articles.

There are not many to choose from, which should not be a surprise. It was a rough decade.

#10 - Nebraska’s Win over Miami in 2014

What I found to be the most fascinating about this game was how chippy the game was throughout. Yes, there is history between the two programs but the last time they played these players probably weren’t even born.

If they were born at the time...I don’t care. I don’t feel like doing the math.

My wife and I were packing for our trip to Ireland. Well actually she was packing. I couldn’t pull away from the television. This was a huge game for the program (at least I thought at the time) and Ameer Abdullah was straight bringing it.

He made so much out of nothing, you’d think he was not god but just a great football player.

How many carries did Ameer (are we on a first name basis? No) Abdullah have that game? THIRTY-FIVE! Holy crap. Abdullah had 35 carries for 229 yards.

This was his best game as a husker in my opinion, unless you remind me of a different game.

#9 - Iowa Punting to DPE (Again and Again)

Where was I? I was in Kansas City going to a tree farm to pick up a Christmas tree with my in-laws.

They were not Nebraska fans at the time and I became extremely aggravated that we had to do this during a Nebraska game.

Then I got back to their place and I got to watch the DPE show. Thank you Iowa.

#8 - Taylor Martinez Coming Out Party Against Kansas State

As an adult, this game was the first time as a Nebraska fan that I thought...holy crap. We have a future Heisman Trophy winner here.

This was healthy Taylor Martinez. Unfortunately we never got to see what a full career of healthy Taylor Martinez could have been for Nebraska. It could have been great.

This game put T-Magic on the national map to the tune of 15 carries 241 yards and four touchdowns. He made EVERYBODY else look slow. I miss those times.

It’s crazy to think that Nebraska was ranked #7 at the time. We can get there again. Maybe with our current Martinez.

#7 - Hiring Scott Frost

Unfortunately, some are already regretting this decision. I 100% disagree.

He’s the man.

A man.

Our man.

That is all.

#6 - “10 Men” Tribute to Sam Foltz

I have nothing to add but to thank Fresno State for joining Nebraska and declining the delay of game penalty.

Look forward to #5....