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Where Will We Be for the Holidays: The Corn Nation Edition

Wishes for ourselves. Wishes for Nebraska. Join in!

Northern Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

In the spirit of the Holiday season there are articles asking staff members of relative media outlets about their plans for the Holidays. Check out the tweet below.

So in the spirit of the ridiculousness above, we have decided to ask the Corn Nation staff to tell us their plans for the Holidays!

Where will you be for the Holidays?

Nate M: After getting off of work today I plan on finish checking the town water meters. Then after taking the family to Christmas Eve Mass I am going to my parents house for dinner. My wife and I are bringing a $9.99 bottle of wine from Costco and Broccoli Cheese Casserole.

On Christmas Day I will learn what water meters I need to check again and will do that. Then my kids will open their gifts.

SpartyOnHuskers: I get to work a half-day on Christmas Eve and then go home to my husband and beagle for Christmas. We skipped traveling anywhere this year, and it proved useful as I need the days off work to get ready for a new job I start right at the turn of the new year. I plan to enjoy finally having a car again by taking our beagle somewhere nearby, maybe the national arboretum, and letting her sniff all the smells in the grass there she can find to her heart’s content.

Ranchbabe: I’m going to get started today by deep cleaning all the bathrooms. I live with four males, so yeah, that is a wonderful time. I think I’m going to set my $4.98 clearance bottle of wine out on the deck to chill now. Christmas Day we get to drive three hours (one way) to my mother-in-law’s house. That is going to be a far better day than bathroom-cleaning day. I am looking forward to time with family and having clean bathrooms - for a few hours at least.

Uglydog56: My wife is a nurse, so she's working on Christmas day. We did Christmas with her family last weekend, and are having Christmas eve dinner with my family this evening. My Christmas day plans include pulling the engine out of my dodge so the cylinders can be rehoned and injectors replaced.

Andy: Today? Um...let’s just say drinking in the holiday spirit. Tomorrow? At my parents’ house with my sister and my kiddos. Presents, food, lousy Xmas music (my parents like that classical horseshit what sounds like they ought to be marching a casket down the aisle - give me Bruce and E Street jamming Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and- but I digress), more food, presents, A Christmas Story and usually a big nap.

Then more holiday spirits.

Greg: My family and I will go to Mass in the morning and come home and do our Christmas. We’ll then go to my parents’ house for Christmas brunch with homemade cinnamon rolls and potica. We’ll do Christmas there and then come home so my wife can get some rest before she has to work a 12.5 hour night shift.

Patrick: We are staying home. Probably wake up at 6am as we have two small children. After our sun room where our tree is destroyed in a flurry of wrapping paper my parents will most likely come up and join just for the rest of the morning. After that, no clue. Maybe dad I can get out in the afternoon to go pheasant hunting.

Mike: Kids will have us up early, of course, to see their presents. Then it’ll be a race to see what gets broken first. But since they are getting an Xbox, it could be that I don’t see any signs of the kids once I get it hooked up to the TV in the basement. I may have to shut off the wifi to get the kids to get dressed for supper with my family that evening.

What do you hope to get from Santa?

Nate M: Recently, I was looking everywhere for my pocket knife and couldn’t find it. Then we found it in a side pocket of a bag as we tried to make our way through TSA. So I no longer have a pocket knife.

So hopefully I get a pocket knife.

Sparty: I sort of got mine already in that I wanted one single, pricier present combined for my birthday (earlier this month) and Christmas. So I already opened them and am listening to music on my noise cancelling headphones as I type this actually.

Ranchbabe: Clean bathrooms so I don’t have to do it?

Uglydog56: My kids got me a shirt with a cowboy hat wearing cat exclaiming "Meowdy". Santa brought a pair of weighted split reins and a vintage scrolled silver medium port show bit, so I did pretty good.

Andy: A food dehydrator and a Stephen King book would be nice. And a winning lottery ticket Jobless and rich without expending any actual effort in that direction would be a wonderful stocking stuffer.

Greg: I told my wife I wanted a particular book and some St Louis Blues and Battlehawks tickets. We’ll see if she passed them on to Santa.

Patrick: I actually would like a sports tracking watch to monitor my sleep.

Mike: Not having to fix anything that we bought the kids.

What are your wishes for the upcoming year?

Nate M: A Nebraska football team that exceeds sub-optimal expectations.

Sparty: A national championship in basketball if I’m being honest, and you know which team I mean realistically here for that. More direct for me, I’ve been stalled out work wise for a while now and hope the new job I am starting January 1 is the satisfying career move I’ve been wanting.

Ranchbabe: Much like Sparty, a job would be nice. I have a cool job, but it isn’t a long-term one. Some actual career-path possibilities would be awesome. Oh, and losing 30 or 40 lbs would be great too.

Uglydog56: I wanted to contend for a world championship in cowboy racing this year, but it looks like my horse isn't going to be rehabbed from the crash anytime soon, so it looks like a year of training horses for me.

Andy: There’s only one and I’m keeping it to myself. Hope is a good thing, Red.

Greg: I have a book I’m working on. I’d like to make time to finish it. But I’m also sort of lazy.

Patrick: Sleep

Mike: A year with less turmoil in the office.

What do you want Santa to put in Nebraska Athletic’s stocking for Christmas?

Nate M: A Neuralyzer from Men in Black to erase our memories of 90’s Nebraska Football.

Sparty: Bill Moos, er, I mean “Santa” needs to give me a god damn hockey team already!!!

Ranchbabe: We already got some linebackers and wide receivers...maybe for a few people to join me on the women’s basketball threads. The ladies are 10-1 you know!!

Uglydog56: A convincing win against Iowa in football, and another Foecke-esque outside hitter for the volleyball team.

Andy: A healthy Adrian Martinez back to full speed so we can enjoy all the people who spent the year throwing poop at him like spastic zoo monkeys pop their over-sized pickups in reverse and pretend they were in his corner all along.

Patrick: Isotoners

Greg: A pass rush! A damn pass rush! And a three-score win over Iowa!

Mike: Receivers stretching the field to open up Scott Frost’s offense, and getting the football team to a friggin’ bowl game in 2020. Basketball smoothing things (not losing to teams like North Dakota anymore), and baseball playing on Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend at TD Ameritrade Park.

From the CornNation Staff Family to your family... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We’ll close with this from The Magical Lights of Malcolm...

Happy Holidays: #GoBig

At Nebraska, we #GoBig and so do our fans. Just going to leave this here... Happy Holidays, Husker Nation.

Posted by Nebraska Huskers on Wednesday, December 25, 2019