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Vote for the Worst Moments in Husker Football in the Past Decade

2010-19 was one of the roughest decades of Husker football and provides many choices for lowlights

If you haven’t already voted for “best moments” in Husker football 2010-19, do it now!

It is no secret that this has been (overall) a rough decade for Husker football. If you didn’t know that already you would as soon as you noticed there were more nominations for “worst moments” than “best moments”.

Three bowl-less seasons in a row to close out the decade will provide more than a few of those.

The ballot is here. Those of you that fill out the Fan Pulse ballots will recognize the format. Drag your vote for #1 (the worst) to the top, your vote for second right below that and continue on down until you have them in the order you want.

The Corn Nation staff will reveal your top 10 through a series of articles that takes a closer look at some of those moments.

And yes, a couple of these were also on the “best moments” ballot. In a world we wish was scarlet or cream, there are some shades of pink.

So, vote now! Let us know the worst of the decade for Husker football.

Not on the ballot, but both deserve an honorable mention as one of the worst moments of the decade...for Corn Nation at least.

  • RIP Brian Towle
  • Nearly losing Dear Leader to a balky heart