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Friday Flakes: Ty Hahn Could Be the Steal of the 2020 Recruiting Class

Will be pulling for the kid.

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

So quick story time. I want to tell about the first time I encountered Ty Hahn.

I was coaching a 7th grade basketball team and we had a game at Johnson-Brock. We started warm-ups and there was this kid on the Johnson-Brock team that simply stood out like nobody I’ve been around. That kid was Ty Hahn.

I’ve been around enough basketball that sometimes fishy things happen. They must have had low numbers and asked an 8th grader to come down and help with the 7th grade team. I’m not one really to ruffle any feathers and I assumed we would lose regardless. So I did not say anything.

We got trucked. After the final buzzer I met with our team and said the usual things a coach would say after the game.

Then I walked by the gym on my way out and noticed that same kid (Ty Hahn) warming up for the game after us. That is when I realized that not only was Ty Hahn not an 8th grader, he wasn’t even a 7th grader.

He was a 6th grader.

Fast forward and now Ty Hahn will be playing football for Nebraska. I believe that if he played at a bigger school that he would have received multiple division one offers.

I am still surprised that Nebraska didn’t offer him one outright because he is a freak athlete and a great kid from everything that I have heard.

Just want to point something out: He was in the 99th percentile of the athletes who tested at The Opening.

So it isn’t very often that Nebraska has a walk-on athlete who has number like those.

A friend of mine who is a head high school football coach that went against Ty Hahn’s Johnson-Brock team said that Hahn would have been a star at Wyoming. Instead he has chosen to stay home.

Nebraska is lucky.

Speaking of lucky

Zavier Betts got the green light to sign his LOI. Some thought he was going to have to wait until February because of possible academic concerns. Hopefully Frost saw enough to make the comfortable that there would be no issues going forward.

Betts could end up playing right away at Nebraska. If the Huskers did not land Omar Manning (which also has academic concerns if I am correct) then Betts could be that outside receiver that Nebraska did not have last year.

Congrats to Zavier!

SpOrTs! SpOrTs! SpOrTs!

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