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CornNation Post Game Over Reaction: Iowa Edition

This wasn’t much fun once again

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Paul and Zach join me after the Iowa game on Friday to talk about the 27-24 loss to Iowa that ended Nebraska’s 2019 football season.

We waited until Monday on this one because we have a whole bunch of months to look back at the 2019 season and wonder what the hell happened.

  • Why do we throw side to side all the time?
  • Why did Adrian Martinez stay in the game instead of being replaced by Luke McCaffrey?
  • How the name “McCaffrey” messes with Iowa’s heads.
  • Special teams play and the horror that is.
  • The defense. Why the light suddenly turned on for a while when it wasn’t there before.
  • Why didn’t we run more option?

We speculate heavily on what Scott Frost was doing. Nobody really knows, and Frost isn’t going to explain every detail of what happened this season, which means the next nine months will be spent re-analyzing every word he said.