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Nebraska Recruiting: 2020 Class Early Signing Day Exposition! *UPDATED 3:13PM*

Join the rollercoaster ride of emotions!

Nebraska Cornhuskers rally around receiver Jordan Westerkamp
Nebraska Cornhuskers rally around receiver Jordan Westerkamp
David McGee

Welcome, Welcome, one and all! Come in, come in! Don’t let the dog jump up, we’re working on that!

It’s going to be an exciting day, as several signing day decisions involve Nebraska! Here’s a rundown, so you know when to take coffee breaks at work!

Signing Ceremonies Involving Nebraska

WR Alante Brown - hearing midmorning but nothing’s confirmed. Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan State, or Maryland.

OLB Kaden Johnson - 7:45. We get to get our kick in the groin out of the way early this year. Word on the street is he pissed Coach Frost off yesterday, Scott told him to climb up his own thumb, and Kaden’s going to Wisconsin now.

DB Jaiden Francois - 8:00. He’s got things to do today. Nebraska or Miami and I like our chances. Didn’t even think we were in it a week ago!

WR Marcus Fleming - 10:00. This one’s between Nebraska and Maryland again. You might think each school gets one wide receiver apiece, but I like our chances with both! Maryland can eat (crab)cake!

DB Kendall Dennis - 12:15. It’s all looking Oklahoma, but you might be interested. And I might be wrong. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken!

DB Myles Slusher - 2:00. I didn’t think we had a snowball’s chance in hell here, but I’ve managed to get my hopes up just enough that it will really hurt if he chooses Arkansas over Nebraska.

Who’s not signing today?

So far only two.

In-state wide receiver Zavier Betts isn’t signing until February, he has to pass a few more classes in order to make sure he’s eligible.

JUCO defensive lineman Junior Aho has been asked to wait. There may not be a spot for him depending on the results of the day.

The recruiting staff is fired up! Fired up? GBR?

The 2020 recruiting class is currently ranked 19th, fourth in the B1G. That’s a hell of a lot better than I thought it was going to be a week ago. Penn State in third is too far away to catch, but a finish will inside the top 20 will be a win for this class in this situation.

There are many young men already committed who will be faxing their NLI’s to the office throughout the day. Stay here for updates, and breaking news if any train cars come off the rails! GBR!

No one’s excited? No one?

****UPDATED 3:13PM****

Ope. Here’s Alex Conn’s papers. I was incorrect. He had his signing ceremony at the end of the day instead of the beginning. Another hogmollie!

****UPDATED 2:06PM****

Phooey. Myles Slusher picked Arkansas. Still an amazing day for the coaching staff. Coach Frost will have a press conference discussing the recruiting class at 3pm. Don’t miss it!

The 2020 class ends up 20th, 4th in the B1G. Not too shabby for a team with three consecutive losing seasons! Imagine the finish when these new players make it on the field and the team starts winning! GBR!

****UPDATED 1:31PM****

It appear the offensive lineman Alex Conn will not be signing today while he finishes up a few classes, just like Betts.

Kendall Dennis signed with Oklahoma as expected.

Wide receiver JJ Hester was a name some people were interested in. He signed with Mizzou today.

Darion Green-Warren has not announced a decision yet, but everything’s looking Michigan with him.

Just waiting on the announcement from Myles Slusher....

****UPDATED 12:18PM****

Here’s another signing day surprise! JUCO defensive lineman and all-name team candidate Phildarius Payne has flipped from NC State to the good guys!

Let me just say again, these signing day tweets from the University are just super cool. You should go check them out if you can.

Linebacker Eteva Mauga-Clements is on the train:

Cornerback Ronald Delancy has signed his NLI:

****UPDATED 12:01PM****

Look at this juicy tidbit:

The coaching staff is running a heater! Here comes wide receiver Alante Brown! Told ya Maryland would eat cake!

Let’s check in with the recruiting staff and see how they’re feeling about all these four stars picking corn:

Yep, they’re happier!

****UPDATED 10:36AM****

Great news! Ultrafast wide receiver Marcus Fleming picked Nebraska!

William Nixon has signed. He was pursued at the last minute for a possible flip, but held firm with Nebraska.

****UPDATED 10:30AM****

Jaiden Francois picks Nebraska!

****UPDATED 9:01AM****

Jimari Butler!!!!

I’m excited about this young man. He has a lot of potential!

Sevion Morrison is a solid get at running back.

Marvin Scott III. The running back room is going to look a lot different next season.

Niko Cooper has signed his NLI.

- note - Xavier Watts signed his NLI with Notre Dame. Good luck young man!

And it’s official: OLB Kaden Johnson signs with Wisconsin.

****UPDATED 8:45AM****

Central Time Zone getting in on the action now.

Blaise Gunnerson!

Ryan Held is happy with the day thus far...

Turner Corcoran is the highest ranked player Nebraska has signed since 2011.

Omar Manning, which may be the most important recruit in this class.

Nash Hutmacher, Defensive Lineman, All-Name Team honoree:

Quarterback Logan Smothers was a great find by the coaches. They did a fantastic job of keeping him onboard through all the pressure to flip.

****UPDATED 6:56AM****

These signing day edits are awesome. The Nebraska social media staff has outdone themselves.

Jordon Riley has sent in his papers.

Keyshawn Greene was a big, big win by the coaching staff. This is one that we stole from someone else, and they’re gnashing their teeth about just like we are about Kaden Johnson.

****UPDATE 6:22AM****

Henry Gray is the first one off the fax machine.

Tamun Lynum is on board.