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Frosted Flakes: Adulting, Scorpions and Peter Dinklage

For some millennials, adulting is hard but one university is trying to help.

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I’ve had a busy week with kick-starting my blog again and uploading new videos on my YouTube channel so I won’t have much to say here this week. However, I still found plenty of good articles for your morning reading. While you’re here, what’s your favorite tv show you ever watched? Mine is ‘The Americans’. Let’s jump into Flakes!

Frosted Flakes

Mailbag: Lots of Husker Recruiting Talk, Ugly Sweater Attire and More | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Huskers Keep Focus on Hawaii While Making Their Way to Wisconsin | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

“We’re excited,” junior outside hitter Lexi Sun said. “It’s been a fun tournament so far and we’re excited to play Hawaii, a team we haven’t played before, and hopefully get the chance to play Wisconsin again.”

Big Ten Play Drove Huskers to be ‘Creative’ With Offense, Now It’s Paying Off in the NCAA Tournament | Volleyball | Omaha World-Herald

“It gives us more things to do and more looks so teams can’t zero in,” he said. “We’re trying to be creative in that as the year goes on. We try to throw that in because we are playing teams in the Big Ten twice. It keeps them interested.”

Husker DB Jackson named to AP All-Big Ten 2nd Team | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

Jackson had a career-best three interceptions during his senior season and also forced a fumble, had a sack and recorded a career-high 12 pass breakups. Jackson last week was named second-team All-Big Ten by the league’s coaches and media, as well. He was the only Cornhusker represented on the AP teams, which consist of a first and second unit.

Program-Best 18 Soccer Players Named Academic All-Big Ten | Soccer |

Five Huskers earned recognition for the third time, including seniors Aubrei Corder, Hannah McKinney, Sinclaire Miramontez, Brenna Ochoa and Savanah Uveges. Corder, the school record holder for games started and played by a goalkeeper and minutes played by a goalkeeper, is also a two-time Big Ten Distinguished Scholar.

Huskers Ranked 4th, 5th in Conference Preseason Polls | Men’s Gymnastics |

Both the Big Ten and the College Gymnastics Association (CGA) released their preseason polls this week and the Nebraska men’s gymnastics team ranks in the top five in both. The Huskers earned a fourth-place ranking in the Big Ten Poll, while adding a No. 5 ranking in the CGA Poll.

The Good Stuff

The World’s Most Visited Cities in 2019 | Travel | Lonely Planet

According to this data, Hong Kong is likely to be named the most popular city destination in the world for 2019. Bangkok is expected to take second place, followed by Macau and Singapore. London is predicted to round out the top five most popular cities.

I’m a Lonely Planet Writer and I Gave Up Flying | Travel | Lonely Planet

The one downside of quitting flying is the cost. Perversely, flying often works out cheaper, though not always. A recent train trip to the Côte d’Azur (Eurostar to Paris; glass of wine in the French capital; TGV to Cannes), for example, cost £70 more than the easyJet flight to Nice — and took two hours longer once the airport drudgery was factored in.

The Italian Towns Giving Away Houses for 1 Euro | Travel | Lonely Planet

Most of the houses in the €1 House scheme are fixer-uppers and require a good bit of money to get them up to scratch. But if you’ve long-dreamed of starting anew somewhere with a slower pace of life and a good deal of sunshine, these towns are probably a good place to start.

Three Men Drove From New York to Los Angeles in 27 Hours 25 Minutes | Travel | Travel and Leisure

The three men, Arne Toman, Douglas Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick, told CNN they raced across the country in what is called the “Cannonball Run,” beating the previous record by more than an hour. They reportedly drove an average speed of 103 miles per hour — and hit as high as 193.

Scorpion Stings Passenger on United Flight to Atlanta | Travel | Travel and Leisure

The woman felt a stinging sensation on her leg and headed into the bathroom to investigate, TMZ reported. When she got to the restroom, a live scorpion fell out of her pants leg. It started crawling across the floor and was eventually caught by some brave flight attendants.

The Italian Village That Celebrates Ugliness | Travel | BBC

Celebrating “ugliness” for the past 140 years, Piobbico has become renowned for being the world capital of ugly people. Now, its utopian idea has blossomed into a worldwide movement.

Peter Dinklage Is Still Punk Ronk | Profile | The New Yorker

The actor on his early days in the city, the price of stardom, and letting go of Tyrion Lannister.

What We Know About You When You Click On This Article | Privacy | Vox

We, as well as our third-party advertisers, likely know which type of device you’re on, what browser you’re using, what you do on our site (which articles you read, how long you stay, what ads you visit), and what site you visit next when you click somewhere else.

The 11 Nations of The United States And Their Cultures | Culture | Business Insider

“People choose to move to places where they identify with the values,” Woodard says. “Red minorities go south and blue minorities go north to be in the majority. This is why blue states are getting bluer and red states are getting redder and the middle is getting smaller.”

The Viral Photo of Mount Everest: The Untold Accounts of People Who Were There | Culture | GQ

It was one of the most arresting viral photos of the year: a horde of climbers clogged atop Mount Everest. But it only begins to capture the deadly realities of what transpired that day at 29,000 feet. These are the untold accounts of the people who were there.

Jackpot: The True Story of China’s Biggest Bank Heist | Money | Medium

How two lottery-crazed bank clerks cooked up China’s biggest bank robbery of all time.

Why Mike Posner Walked Across America | Life | Outside Online

By his own account, Posner was on a journey without a cause. Five years ago, he’d been hanging out in L.A. at a friend’s jewelry shop, listening to some faux Venice Beach hippie ramble on about chakras, when he overheard another conversation about someone who walked across the U.S.

The Strange, Scientific History of Cheese | Food | Quartz

In a paper published in Current Biology, we discovered how “milk yeast”—the handy microorganism that can decompose lactose in milk to create dairy products like cheese and yogurt—originated from a chance encounter between a fruit fly and a pail of milk around 5,500 years ago.

People Who Curse Are More Authentic | Emotion | Quartz

“The consistent findings across the studies suggest that the positive relation between profanity and honesty is robust, and that the relationship found at the individual level indeed translates to the society level...”

Texting Really Is Ruining Personal Relationships | Life | NBC News

Text messages can’t provide the human contact and perspective that come from true dialogue, but they can encourage laziness and passive-aggressive behavior.

‘Adulting’ is Hard. UC Berkeley Has a Class For That | Education | Los Angeles Times

The class, which has 30 students enrolled in each section, is led by two Berkeley undergrads who plan discussion topics and schedule guest speakers to fill 90 minutes each week. The “adults in training” are among thousands of people across the country who have signed up for courses that focus on things such as cooking or budgeting or time management.