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Friday Flakes: Nebraska Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Duval Goes on Sports Nightly

Interesting insight to say the least

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Nebraska v Purdue

Is it normal for the strength and conditioning coach to go on Sports Nightly? Did Mark Phillipp, Mike Riley’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, ever appear? I’m genuinely interested.

Regardless, it felt like a PR move for the new facilities as well as the state of the Nebraska football players regarding how bad it really got when they showed up.

Sure. Why not. I think they used to post the top performers. Why not also post the bottom performers. That would be quite the motivation. Obviously, make exceptions for injuries and the like.

Does anybody wonder if this was actually true? I wonder what Mark Phillipp would have to say about that comment. If it is true, then that says a lot and maybe makes sense.

The Dave Ellis’ hire could be sneaky huge for this program. He has the software and/or technology to measure the best body weight for a player to play at. That technology is used by him and the NFL combine last I heard.

And there folks is the PR pitch for the new facilities.

Waiting on Good or Bad News

My wife, a rock star, was aware of potential reorganization of the company she works for. The reorganization actually removed her position as well as some others. Nobody lost their job as they received new titles and responsibilities. She felt she was in prime position to take the only remaining open position which would be considered a promotion.

However, her superiors felt that because of the nature of the position that they need to bring in external candidates as well. She went through the application process as well as the interview process.

Essentially she either got the promotion or she would no longer have a job. I stumbled upon this video clip and shared it with her.

It helped. It was an extremely stressful two weeks. There were times where she would voice her frustration to me. I would just drop the word, “Good.”

She would smile.

The process continued. The external candidates were interviewed. She was interviewed. I called her afterwards to see how the interview went. At this point she was content. There was nothing else she could do as it was all out of her hands. As the saying goes, “the hay is in the barn.”

I am not sure exactly why it happened. Maybe it is because in an effort to support her I knew that if I were to get upset while she was upset that it would likely be counter-productive. However, when she told me that she was at peace with whatever would happen something switched in my brain.

It appears that I felt that since she was no longer upset that it was my turn to be pissed. And I was pissed. I vented to her about how I felt. She then simply responded - “good.”

Which made me smile.

Sports? Yep! Sports!

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