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Nebrasketball: UC Riverside Preview

The Hoiberg era starts against a Big West squad who wants to take down a major conference opponent. Could that be Nebraska?

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 16 UC Riverside at UTEP Photo by Jorge Salgado/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

University of California Riverside Preview

Date: Tuesday, November 5th

Location: Lincoln, NE

Time: 8:00pm CST

2018-19 Record: 10-23 (4-12 Big West Conference)

Coach: David Patrick (2nd Season)

Mascot: Highlanders

Previous Season:

It was coach David Patrick’s first season at the helm of the Highlanders. He took the team and molded them into a squad that squeaked out 10 wins on the year and only four of which were in conference play. They finished 8th in the Big West and made it to the quarterfinal in the conference tournament.

While not the best record in the land it was a starting point for the first year head coach. The previous year they went 9-22 and also ended up 8th in the conference. Mind you, there are only 9 teams in the Big West. So, they’ve still got a ways to go moving forward to compete for a title but that extra win is at least looked upon as progress.


Current Season:

This year the Highlanders return all but two players from last yeas squad along with two transfers who might just see some playing time. They are projected to do better this year, but not by much.

They do have one thing that Nebraska doesn’t and that is an experienced big man. In the paint will be 7’1” Callum McRae. Callum is a sophomore that is weighing in at roughly 275. Last year he averaged 7.6 points and 4.8 rebounds per game. While he is big he is not the most athletic or fastest players Nebraska will face. That should bode well for Nebraska as the game goes on and Hoibergs fast paced offense wears him down.

Also of note is Dikymbe Martin at guard. He is 6’1” and lead the team last year in points with 14.8 points. He tallied 2.8 rebounds and 2.6 assists to go along with his scoring productivity.

He’s a good shooter and should be effective early on in the game. Again, with Hoiberg’s teams treating games like track meets his productivity should dissipate over the course of the game. Dikymbe best also came later in the season so hopefully he will also start out slow this year.


Rough idea on this one. I say Nebraska starts out slow with poor shooting early on. The score is close but not out of hand. Eventually the Huskers should pull away with the win due to sheer talent and speed on the court. The Highlanders are not a fast paced team by any standard and will be their downfall. It probably won’t be pretty for Nebraska, but it will be a win. Hoibergs first win as the Huskers head coach. Huskers are a 15 point favorite as I write this so I say they win by 15 to 20 points when the final buzzer sounds.