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Nebraska 24 Iowa 27: Recap and Friday Evening Thread

Heartbreak for a second year in a row as Iowa wins on a walk-off field goal.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Wan’dale Robinson is suited up and went through warmups. Kanawai Noa is out (knee) and Kade Warner gets the start. Mike Williams is also starting in Wan’dale’s place.

Iowa won the toss and elected to receive.

First Quarter

Barret Pickering was out to kickoff. Iowa ball at their 25. The Hawkeyes moved near midfield in short order. Nate Stanley took a deep shot at a wide open receiver, but the ball was dropped. On third and five, the pass was incomplete and Iowa had to punt.

The Huskers did nothing with their possession and also punted (not a great punt) and gave the Hawkeyes the ball at the 44 yard line.

The Hawkeyes ran a reverse play with Ihmir Smith-Marsette and no Blackshirts stayed home. Touchdown Iowa.

Hawkeyes 7 Huskers 0

The Huskers got their first first down (Martinez option). Noah Vedral came in and competed a pass to Dedrick Mills got the Huskers past midfield. A Hawkeye unsportsmanlike penalty gave the Huskers 15 more. Frost dialed up a double reverse. Wan’dale flipped it to JD Spielman and his pass (intended for Martinez) was overthrown. A near interception was dropped. The Huskers could get no further than the Hawkeye 39 and sent in Isaac Armstrong for another punt. It was downed at the four.

Will Honas notched a tackle for loss thanks to Darrion Daniels putting up a wall. Another tackle for loss!! (Colin Miller) On third and eleven, the Hawkeyes gained seven. The punt was very short (28 yards) and the Huskers had excellent field position at the Iowa 37.

Poorly blocked horizontal pass loses six yards. Drink. Luke McCaffrey came out onto the field. Wan’dale for one (also poorly blocked - drink again). Third and 16. Kade Warner first down!! The OL deserves credit for giving Adrian plenty of time.

Dedrick Mills lost three yards (obviously another missed block - we’re going to be drunk if we keep up this drinking game). Third and thirteen. Mills for two. Fourth and 11. Matt Waldoch kicked a 41 yard field goal in the rain.

Hawkeyes 7 Huskers 3

Several balloons landed on the field instead of getting out of the stadium.

Iowa brought the kickoff out to the 37. It only took three plays and Tyler Goodson ran right up the middle for 53 yards. Touchdown Iowa.

Hawkeyes 14 Huskers 3

Another pass to the flat...predictable result. Drink. Another punt for the Huskers. Iowa ball at the 27 yard line.

Goodson juked a couple of Huskers for 20 yards (holding wasn’t called according to the radio guys). The Hawkeyes continued to get chunk plays and were nearing the red zone as the quarter ended. Iowa already has nearly 200 yards of offense.

Second Quarter

In the red zone, Ben Stille notched a tackle for loss and moved Iowa back out of the red zone. Darrion Daniels backs the Hawkeyes up three more yards. He has been amazing in this game thus far. The third and 22 play was blown up (no gain) by JoJo Domann. The 49 yard field goal was good.

Hawkeyes 17 Huskers 3

The Husker offense needed a good drive and promptly went three and out. Punt and Iowa ball at the 27.

Nate Stanley dropped back to pass and...deflection by JoJo...PICK SIX BY CAM TAYLOR-BRITT!!!

Hawkeyes 17 Huskers 10

Iowa got those points right back as Smith-Marsette took the kickoff to the house. Sigh.

Hawkeyes 24 Huskers 10

Jack Stoll caught a short pass. Option by Martinez. Wyatt Mazour gains eight. Mazour past midfield. Gadget play loses eight. Wan’dale gets back to midfield. Third and 11. Martinez scrambles for a yard. Punt. Out of bounds at the eight. Five minutes left in the half.

Iowa netted one first down before the Blackshirts forced a third and 10. Incomplete. Punt.

JD Spielman caught the ball at the 31 yard line. 3:04 before half. Dedrick Mills got the Huskers past midfield. Jack Stoll caught a pass and had blockers but fell on the wet turf. A false start moved Nebraska back five yards. Third and eight. Dedrick Mills catch and run for sixteen (to the Iowa 31). First down Nebraska with 1:06 left in the half.

Missed blocks are killing the Husker offense.

Then shit. Martinez’ pass is intercepted.


Cam Taylor-Britt’s interception was his third of the season, tying him with Lamar Jackson for the team lead.

JD Spielman caught two passes in the first half, marking his 33rd straight game with a reception, the fourth-longest streak in school history.

Quarterback Adrian Martinez accounted for 63 yards of total offense in the first half, increasing his career total to 5,797 yards and moving him past Zac Taylor (5,777 yards) into fourth place on the Nebraska career total offense list.

Wan’dale Robinson is reportedly out for the rest of the game.

Third Quarter

Cam Taylor-Britt brought the ball out to the 15. Dedrick Mills powered the Huskers to a first down. Frost continued the run-heavy play calling. Mills is obviously hurting, but there are not many running backs left to throw in there. The Huskers could only manage a couple of first downs. The Hawkeyes came after Armstrong and knocked him down. The penalty gave Nebraska a new set of downs.

The Husker offense went backwards with their new opportunity. AJ Epenesa is playing a helluva game for the Hawkeyes. The punt went out of bounds at the 28 yard line.

The Blackshirts pushed the Hawkeyes backward and got a three and out. Spielman fair caught the ball at the 41 yard line.

Dedrick Mills is gutting out a tough game. He got the Huskers across midfield. Adrian took a shot for JD at the goal line (incomplete). Luke McCaffrey came into the game at quarterback and drew the Hawkeyes offsides. LUKE ROLLS LEFT AND FINDS JD SPIELMAN FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!!!

Hawkeyes 24 Huskers 17

The Hawkeyes fumbled the kickoff but recovered the ball at the 21.

Mohamed Barry was in on a couple of tackles. The Hawkeyes were whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct bringing up third and sixteen. Caleb Tannor and Khalil Davis combined on a tackle to force fourth down. The Blackshirts forced a three and out. The Hawkeyes punted from their own goal line. Husker ball at the 40.

Dedrick Mills gets the Huskers past midfield. This kid is earning a place as a favorite Husker in my mind.

MOAR Mills and a Martinez keeper move the Huskers near the Hawkeye 30. Austin Allen is in the game. He’s tall. Drink. Option loses three when Martinez tried to backtrack. The third and nine play nets three yards. Frost opts to keep the offense on the field for fourth down. KADE WARNER FIRST DOWN! The Huskers are in the red zone. Mills got the Huskers inside the 10 yard line. WYATT MAZOUR TOUCHDOWN!!!!

The Hawkeyes totaled seven yards of offense in the third quarter. Way to go Blackshirts!!

Huskers 24 Hawkeyes 24

Fourth Quarter

On fourth down, Ferentz sends out the punt team. Nebraska ball at the nine yard line. On third and three, Martinez gained one. Three and out. Hawkeye ball at the Husker 45 yard line (28 yard net punt - into the wind).

The Blackshirts forced a fourth and four. Ferentz elected to punt. JD made a mistake in trying to pick up the ball on the two yard line and got tackled right there. Yikes.

Dedrick Mills ran hard but ended up a yard short of the first down. Punt. Iowa ball at the Hawkeye 47 yard line. Nate Stanley moved the Hawkeyes to the Nebraska 38. One third and five, the Hawkeyes were whistled for a false start. The third and 10 play gained four. Ferentz opted to go for it at the Husker 36. 4:59 left in the game.

Stanley pooch kicked the ball. Touchback.

False start Nebraska. Sigh.

Third and 14. Martinez is sacked. Three and out for the Huskers. Armstrong punted from the end zone. Iowa ball at their 36. Great punt from Isaac.

Sargent gets loose for a big gain. IOWA FUMBLE!! Cam Taylor-Britt recovered the ball! Husker ball at their 30-ish yard line.

2:32 left in the game.

Mazour gains eight. Martinez keeper for a first down (44 yard line). Luke lines up at quarterback. McCaffrey gained five. The clock is right at one minute. Mike Williams is flagged for a blindside block (the radio guys said it was a pretty weak call). Second and 20.

Martinez gains one. Third and nineteen. Mazour gains four. Iowa timeout with 40 seconds.

Iowa ball on the 24 yard line. 32 seconds.

Nate Stanley took a shot downfield and SHIT the ball was caught by Nico Ragaini at the Husker 36. BUT WAIT - Replay overturned the call. Incomplete.

Scott Frost running 50 yards downfield to get the timeout called might be the play of the game.

27 seconds. Incomplete.

19 seconds. Third and 10. Complete at midfield to Smith-Marsette. Targeting on Cam Taylor-Britt. SHIT SHIT SHIT. The targeting was overturned. WHEW.

13 seconds. 48 yard line. Complete at the 30 yard line. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

7 seconds. Spike the ball.

6 seconds. Two Nebraska timeouts later, the 47 yard Iowa field goal is good.

Hawkeyes 27 Huskers 24

One second left in the game.