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Iowa Leads Nebraska 24-10 At Half

A rough half for the Husker faithful.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Here we are - last game of the regular season. You know the story - Nebraska’s season hasn’t been what we (or anyone else for that matter) expected, and the bloody, damned Hawkeyes have beaten our beloved Huskers four times in a row.

Iowa starts on offense. Doesn’t do much. Nebraska starts on the 13. Three and out.

Iowa 7 - 0

Iowa gets the ball at their 44 after a 37-yard Isaac Armstrong punt. They score in two plays. Tyler Goodson rushed for 11 yards, then Ihmir Smith-Marsette ran for 45 yards around the left end with Nate Stanley as a lead blocker.

Iowa 45 yd RUSH TD scored by Smith-Marsette (Scoring Drive: 2 plays, 56 yards, 0:35)

Iowa 7 - Nebraska 3

Nebraska starts with the ball at the Iowa 37 after a 27-yard punt. Their first play is a wide receiver screen that loses six yards. Wan’Dale Robinson runs for no gain. On 3rd and 16, Martinez hits Kade Warner for 20 yards.

Dedrick Mills loses three yards on a rush, the Martinez overthrows an open JD Spielman. Mills fails to gain much - 2 yards - on 3rd down. Nebraska elects to try a field goal.

Former soccer club dude Matt Waldoch nails a 41-yarder to get our beloved Huskers on the score board.

Nebraska 41 yd FG scored by Matt Waldoch (Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 13 yards, 2:59)

Iowa 14 - Nebraska 3

Iowa starts at their own 37 yard line. Stanley throws to tight end Sam LaPorta for 8 yards, then Tyler Goodson bursts up the middle for a 55-yard touchdown.

Iowa 55 yd RUSH TD scored by Goodson, Tyler (Scoring Drive: 2 plays, 63 yards, 0:50)

At this point, Iowa has 7 rushes for 122 yards for a 17.4 yard per carry average.

End of the First Quarter

The defense looks like they have little faith in themselves. They’ve missed tackles left and right, and have constantly been out of position. They’re giving up big plays up the middle. and they’re giving up tight end plays on the edge.

This is not a good lucking game for Nebraska right now.

Iowa 17 - Nebraska 3

What a weird series. Iowa has their way with Nebraska most of the way down the field. Nate Stanley picks up a first down, running a three-yard sneak after emptying the back field. Nebraska’s defense looks really dumb.

Then, Nebraska looks like they give a shit. Ben Stille tackles Tyrone Tracy for a 9-yard loss. Darrion Daniels tackles Goodson for a loss of 3, then Stanley throws to Nico Ragaini for no gain.

Unfortunately, Iowa is down the field far enough their kicker puts more points on the board.

Iowa 49 yd FG scored by Duncan, Keith (Scoring Drive: 13 plays, 41 yards, 5:29)

Iowa 17 - Nebraska 10

Cam Taylor-Britt intercepts a pass tipped into the air by JoJo Domann and returns it for 38 yards for a touchdown.

Thank God.

Iowa 24 - Nebraska 10

Because we can’t have good things, Nebraska kicks off and Smith-Marsette returns it 95 yards for a touchdown. Nebraska’s kick off team doesn’t stay in their lanes, gets sucked inside and gives up the entire side of the field.

What a bizarre game.

Iowa has scored 21 points off big plays.

Nebraska’s offense - an offense that was supposed to carry the team this year - has done just about nothing. 114 total yards in the first half. 71 rushing, 41 passing.

Dedrick Mills has 5 rushes for 20 yards and 3 receptions for 27. Martinez has 9 rushes for 31 yards, and is 8-12 passing for a lousy, horrifying 31 yards. Nebraska had a chance to put points on the board but Martinez threw an interception as our beloved Huskers approached the red zone.