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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Iowa

The Heroes trophy goes to the Huskers this year.

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Wohoo! Last week was a feel good game!

I don’t care that it was against Maryland. That was the kind of game we’ve been looking for from this team all year long.

Also, I was right again! I love being right.

We were getting to the point in which my boss was starting to think I was a liar. It was getting a little awkward at work because of it. Apparently when bosses think you are lying frequently, they don’t trust you so much. It’s fine though, this week was much better. She’s beginning to trust me again.

Next week will be awesome too because Nebraska is going to take down Iowa.

Here’s why.


I know you’ve all heard the winning is contagious. After a rough seven weeks the Huskers finally felt the taste of winning again.

Just watching them on TV, I could feel the excitement and the energy that they were playing with.

Nebraska is going to carry that feeling, that energy, and the way they played as a team on to the game this week.

The result will be a win.


With this win, the Huskers will head to a bowl game for the first time since the 2016 season.

A week ago a bowl game may have seemed out of reach to some as the Huskers were on the brink of repeating their third 4-8 season.

These seniors want to go out with a bowl game. They aren’t ready for their season to end and the other players aren’t ready to be done playing with the seniors. The players will lay it all out on Friday to ensure that this team makes a bowl game.


It’s no secret that Nebraska has had some kicking woes this year.

In fact the Huskers have had six different kickers throughout the year, as scholarship kicker Barret Pickering has been out with injury for much of the season.

Last week Nebraska had walk-on and club soccer player, Matt Waldoch kicking for them. He turned out to be the most consistent kicker they’ve had all year. He was 3 for 3!

This week the Huskers face a Hawkeye team that is known for it’s stout defense and low scoring games. They will need a field goal kicker that they are confident in to help them win this game.


A lot is going to come down to how well Nebraska can rush the ball. While Iowa boasts the number six rushing defense in the Big Ten, Nebraska has the number three rushing offense.

With the wet weather predicted and the success of the Hawkeye secondary, Nebraska is going to have to win this game on the ground.

Dedrick Mills has shown he is a tough runner and was very successful against Wisconsin’s defense. He also showed his grit as he played hard last week while battling a sickness. Nebraska will look to him to help lead the team.

Adrian Martinez has been more decisive lately and has shown that he can still make plays with his feet. If needed Luke McCaffery has proven that he can do the same.

It’s still unknown if Wan’ Dale Robinson will be back for this game, but I’ve got a feeling that we will be seeing him. Husker fans know that Robinson is a game changer for the Huskers.


It has taken quite some time for Nebraska’s defense to play a complete game. They did it last week and they’ll do it again against Iowa.

There are several seniors on the defense that plan to make their last game in Lincoln their best game yet.

Lamar Jackson is going to put some kinks in the Hawkeye’s potent passing offense.

Kahlil and Carlos Davis, Darrion Daniels, Alex Davis, and Mohamed Barry are sure to give it their all. Their teammates will also go all out to ensure that they send these seniors out the right way.

The defense is going to cause some turnovers and shutdown Iowas offense.

The Huskers will be the winners of the Heroes Trophy once more.