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Wednesday Frosted Flakes: Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Husker Talk

At least talking Huskers around the table will be enjoyable this year.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The good news - the inevitable conversations about Husker football will have a happy and hopeful spin to them this year while eating with your family this Thanksgiving.

The bad news - these conversations will turn into inane debates over politics making you wish the Huskers where actually even worse than they are so the conversation started and stopped with Husker football.

Ways to avoid these debates over why you are not married/do not have kids/insert life event that has or hasn’t happened/politics/religion:

  1. Bring up old family stories and have them reminisce about the good ole days.
  2. Bring the desserts to the dinner and threaten to leave with them if the conversation deviates.
  3. Start barking. No seriously, start barking when someone starts treading on thin ice. Extremely effective.
  4. Tell everyone you have cancer and say “PSYCHE!” at the end of the day.
  5. Drink early and drink often

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Where things stand for Huskers and redshirts

With one game left in the regular season, now is a good time to take stock of where a number of Nebraska players stand with respect to maintaining their redshirts for the 2019 season

Husker offense rounding into form with Iowa looming despite injuries, unknowns

All things considered, Nebraska should be a healthier football team with a healthier offense Friday against Iowa than it was last weekend in a 54-7 win against Maryland.

Hawkeyes standing in Huskers’ way

The party line at Nebraska has always been that no regular-season game is more important than another. The vibe for this week’s game is different, and linebacker Collin Miller listed the reasons:

Husker notes: Deontai Williams still ‘locked in’; Lovers of football and more

Nebraska’s first starting safety, Deontai Williams, still prepares each week like he’s playing, Cam Taylor-Britt said.

Nebraska 54 Maryland 7 Recap and Evening Thread

300+ yards rushing for Nebraska. Nine for 10 in the red zone.

Husker Nation needed this one. A dominant win is a salve to soothe all wounds.

Scott Frost’s postgame interview gives a whole new meaning to the term “explosive” offense.

Nebraska football’s Black Friday history

Definitely worth the click!

Huskers get hot in second half to defeat Washington State in the Cayman Islands

But the Huskers shot the cover off the ball again, too, using a big second half to pull away for an 82-71 win Monday over Washington State in the first round of the Cayman Islands Classic.

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