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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode 28: The Three Man Weave Episode

Patrick, Nate, & Kevin make podcast magic with a little help from Greg

Fred Hoiberg rests his hands on his knees

In this week’s episode all three Of Bangarangs & Daggers hosts are able to record at the same time. Yes, these fine men join forces and transform into what has become known as the Three Man Weave of podcasting. It is superior to any other group of three on the Corn Nation Radio Network. All other shall grovel below.

Our heroes go over the Cayman Islands Classic. The win over Washington State in the first round and the loss to George Mason in the second. They also discuss the issues they have with just about everything else in college basketball to boot.

In the end, they try to make it through the Duke vs. Stephen F. Austin game but our sleepy podcast editor had to finish up so he could go to bed and wake up for work in the morning. To be honest, we think he was getting bored. We have no idea now who won or lost.

***Editor’s note:

Finally, Patrick came in late. Really late and somewhat rudely but rightly corrects Nate.

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