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It’s Raining Recruits! JUCO Linebacker Jamoi Hodge is N!

Black Friday Deals Come Early as Huskers Get a BOGO


Great news from the land of birth of flight!

Jamoi Hodge is a 6-2 225lb three star linebacker from my neck of the woods, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A full qualifier out of high school, he is a four-for three player now. His main offers were from Arizona and SMU. After a great visit during the Wisconsin game, many commitment prognosticators saw him coming to Lincoln. Today, he made it official.

I like these highlights. Jamoi shows versatility, playing outside in a 4-3 and inside in a 4-2-5. He has the speed to match up in coverage against that tight end running a slant or crossing route, or the running back slipped out on the delay or wheel route, both of which have been tearing a new a-hole in the defense lately. He also has the smarts and vision not to over-pursue and get beat on a cutback by a ball carrier. There is also evidence of enough strength and technique to shed blocks and penetrate the backfield on a blitz. Overall, this is a player that can immediately address some critical deficiencies in the blackshirt defense. I wish he could play this Friday, but we’re going to have to wait until May for him to arrive on campus.

The commitment of Jamoi, along with the recent commitment of fellow JUCO linebacker Junior Aho, puts the 2020 recruiting class at 28th overall, 6th in the B1G. This class is heating up!

Welcome to the Husker family, Jamoi! GBR!

I want that hat.