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FanPulse Week 13: Tigers, Buckeyes and More Tigers Make Up Top Three

The race for the fourth spot in the college football playoff is murky

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Nebraska v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

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No surprise, LSU remains in the top spot with Ohio State and Clemson holding down the #2 and #3 spots. When it comes to #4, the picture gets a bit murkier, even with Oregon removing themselves from contention after a loss to Arizona State. Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Utah and Baylor are all one-loss teams eyeing that last college football playoff spot.

Who do you think is the team that should be the fourth one in the playoff?

The Big Ten continues to be fairly well represented with Minnesota at #10, Penn State at #11, Wisconsin at #17, Michigan #18, and Iowa at #21. Our hated eastern foe in black and gold ran all over Illinois in a game they won by the score of....oh...ummm...19-10.

I am glad the Huskers played the Illini before they realized they could do football-like things competently.

Also Receiving Votes

  • Iowa State
  • USC
  • Texas A&M
  • UCF
  • Virginia

Fan Confidence

Husker fans are feeling good after taking Maryland behind the wood shed. Fan confidence is up to 92%, up from 88% of fans saying “yes” they are confidence in the direction of the program last week. The season low has been right at 70% on two occasions (after losing to Colorado and the bye week after the Purdue/Indiana losses).

Thanksgiving Magic Wand

If you were given a magic wand and could make one Thanksgiving side dish go away forever, you chose to axe candied yams (31.2%). The scourge that is known as green bean casserole was next (29.2%; at least some of you were sane). mac and cheese was third (25.2%), which begs the question - who serves mac and cheese on Thanksgiving?!?

What do you think of the polls this week?

AND, why wasn’t that nasty jelled cranberry stuff included in the Thanksgiving side dish voting?