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Jon’s PostLife Crisis: Jeremy Slechta - 2019 Thoughts, Playing Defensive Line

Nebraska v Oklahoma X Heupel
There is this guy Slechta chasing an OU player.

I’ve spent most of this season talking to Jeremy Slechta on the radio with Jimmy Sheil. It was about time I did a podcast with him.

Mr. Schlechta and I spend most of the podcast talking about some very simple things.

  • This year’s defense.
  • 3-4 vs 4-3
  • Do defensive coaches really differ that much in their philosophies?
  • What does “get off the blocks mean”
  • What the hell is your true “playing weight”
  • When it’s okay to stomp the shit out of a guy by saying “Did you ever play college football?”

I think we take for granted what it’s like to play football. You go through your life probably thinking “those bastards have no idea what it’s like to be an accountant/IT guy/lawyer/mechanic/plumber” and it’s true.

This is why I spend some time on this podcast asking Jeremy some very basic questions.

I hope you enjoy it.