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Volleyball Recap: Nebraska Overpowered by Wisconsin

Huskers lose in three sets to a better defensive Wisconsin team

Jon Johnston

Huskers lose in three against Wisconsin- 19-25, 22-25, 21-25.

Wisconsin is clearly a tall team with some of the best blockers in the country but today their defense out dug Nebraska and that was the difference in the match. Balls did not hit the floor on Wisconsin’s side of the net. Their hitters had multiple attempts in a rally and were lethal.

Molly Haggerty specifically was efficient. She took advantage of the short blocker in front of her, Nicklin Hames. Too many times Hames was blocking alone and Haggerty had a ton of shots to choose from.

Madison Duello was deadly as well. She blocked four balls and hit .450, WOW! There are many talented players on the Badgers but she tips the scale for me. She takes Wisconsin from a very good team to a top team. I still think Wisconsin is the best team in the country.

Nebraska played high level ball. Losing in three sets sounds like the lost badly, but this was GOOD volleyball. Nebraska is a step slower and doesn’t have as many offensive weapons as Wisconsin. Wisconsin doesn’t let balls drop and doesn’t make mistakes on offense. They don’t give you points.

I think both teams are still improving. This is exactly what you want as a coach at this point in the season. I’ll keep watching to see how much Nebraska can improve in the few short weeks remaining until the tournament starts.