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Corn Nation Post Game Over Reaction: Crushing Maryland Edition

Jon Johnston

There was a whole lot of positive from the Maryland game. There was very little negative.

You can find it, if you look hard enough, but Nebraska dominated in all three phases of the game. This is surprising given the season we’ve been through so far. Perhaps it’s hard to contemplate - we’ve all been looking for the negative so long it’s become a habit, somewhat like our beloved Huskers and losing.

Paul and Jill join me as we discuss the game shortly after its conclusion. We talk about all the positives. There’s a discussion about the possibilities of using Luke McCaffrey and Adrian Martinez on the field at the same time, or in giving opposing defenses fits because they have to prepare for two different styles of offense.

And then there’s all those guys that played. Rahmir Johnson showed us a glimpse of his speed.

We also talk about Penn State and Ohio State, and how fan bases are never happy with their coaches no matter how successful they are.