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Friday Flakes: What Are Nebraska’s Chances of Winning the Next Two Games?

It’s unlikely but possible

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Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I am over this season is so many different ways. It is emotionally exhausting to follow this team and I am ready for the season to be over.

That is unless we win on Saturday. Then I am ready to reinvest more emotional energy into the 2019 season because so much is riding on the line when it comes to the game in Lincoln against Iowa.

Obviously none of this matters if they don’t beat Maryland. After the improvement we saw against Wisconsin it is easy to think that the game against Maryland should be a win. However, remember that Nebraska is only about a four point favorite over the home team. Nebraska can easily lose this game.

It feels like the biggest game of the season. Unfortunately, there have been multiple games this season that felt like “the biggest game of the season” and they ended up losing those games.

If the unthinkable happens and Nebraska wins the next two. They sneak into a bad bowl game in Detroit or New York and beat an overrated SEC team (because they are all overrated). Which means they finish the season 7-6.

That completely changes the feeling about this program. It would be enormous for this team.

So here is the poll. What are the chances of Nebraska winning the next two games and therefore getting to a bowl? (Credit to the Husker Extra Podcast for this idea)


What are the chances of Nebraska winning the next two games?

This poll is closed

  • 7%
    (60 votes)
  • 10%
    (85 votes)
  • 22%
    (186 votes)
  • 29%
    (245 votes)
  • 30%
    (255 votes)
831 votes total Vote Now

For what it may be worth. I’m voting 35%.

Underrated and Underappreciated Lincoln Food Scene

You know what is my favorite restaurant in Lincoln? The Pho Factory. My wife dragged me there a couple years ago and I had my first taste of Pho (pronounced like “fuh”). It was like ramen noodles but instead of killing you one bowl at a time the Pho at the Pho Factory felt like it was nourishment for your soul.

Through my frequency at the Pho Factory as well as the relationship my mother-in-law, Marti Lee, has built through her work at a Lincoln Non-Profit I have gotten to talk to Thuy Nguyen on separate occasions including having a couple shots of something she pulled back from behind the bar.

In fact, we took our kids to the strip mall on North 27th Street during the celebration of Tet, which is the Vietnamese new year. We went inside and of course Thuy was as gracious as ever. People brought in homemade Vietnamese food and she continued to bring plate after plate over to our table.

It is safe to say that there wasn’t a single thing on my plate I had ever seen before.

Which brings me to my point. There is a great food scene around that North 27th Street Pedestrian bridge and it isn’t limited just to the Pho Factory. There are restaurants up and down 27th in that are that are delicious.

In fact, Cindy Lange-Kubick had a piece in the Lincoln Journal-Star about the fact that Thuy Nguyen and Lourdez Gonzales (who owns Misky’s Bakery down the street from the Pho Factory) recently were in Washington, D.C. to share their stories at the Smithsonian Food History Weekend.

Quite the honor. Well deserved.

They are just two of many restaurants throughout Lincoln that deserve more hype and maybe are finally starting to receive it.

Chris Fowler Story Time

If you haven’t been watching, Chris Fowler has been telling great stories on his Instagram all season long. Some are very heart felt. Some might make you cry. All of them are great. This week he talks about the 1995 Nebraska National Championship team.

Time for Flakes...


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If you are going to get better, more reliable, more ready to collide with Badgers and Hawkeyes, the pursuit of it cannot afford days off. This sounds like fine coachspeak, but Greg Austin knows the words are true through living, breathing and seeing.

Husker DBs banged up as they battle to the finish
Cam Taylor-Britt knows the path to that sideline medical tent a little better than he'd prefer. Yet he was smiling per usual this week, padded up after a practice, ready to go again.

"Got another day to play football," he cheerfully said.

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