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Frosted Flakes: Beautiful Textiles, Smoky Mezcal and Petrified Waterfalls

Oaxaca has plenty of amazing things to do!

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Nathaniel Perlow

Today’s Thursday Travel Flakes will dive a little deeper in the beautiful place where I’m based right now: Oaxaca, Mexico. Before I settled into an Airbnb here, I was in a small hotel with my parents who came down to visit and explore the area. I have visited Oaxaca before so I was more than happy to show them around.

I took them to many different markets around the city and region of Oaxaca. We went to food markets, textile markets, city markets, weekly markets, artisan was endless. We spent part of a day walking through Teotitlan del Valle, a town known for its textile production and the famous Oaxaca wool rugs. All of the rugs were handmade and can take months to make depending on their size. Their designs are truly incredible.

Later that day, we walked into a mezcal distillery and received a free private tour explaining the different types of mezcal and the process which goes into making them. Mezcal and tequila from the same plants but the fermentation process is different. Plants are fermented in a stone oven to make tequila. Meanwhile in order to make mezcal, the plants have to be buried underground for a certain period time while it ferments, which is how it gets the smoky flavor.

One of the most popular things to do in Oaxaca is visiting Hierve El Agua (see pic above), which is a series of petrified waterfalls overlooking a beautiful valley. These waterfalls are actually slowly built up from the mineral deposits (calcium, lime, etc.) formed over many years to create these amazing natural sight. In fact, Hierve El Agua is one of only two petrified waterfalls in the world (the other is Pamukkale located in Turkey).

Some other popular attractions in Oaxaca include archaeological ruins like Monte Alban (one of the oldest cities in Mesoamerica dating back to 500 B.C.), Mitla (known for its unique architecture which has held strong over the years after multiple earthquakes) and Tule (supposedly one of the widest trees in the world). It’s definitely worth spending at least 5-6 days exploring this beautiful part of Mexico. I highly recommend it! Anyways...onto Flakes.

Frosted Flakes

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Last But Not Least

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