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Purdue Leads Nebraska Football 14-10 At Half


Jon Johnston

The game started very well for our beloved Huskers.

Adrian Martinez to JD Spielman for 40 yards. Unfortunately, that drive stalled. Purdue took over at their own 10 yard line.

Nebraska 7-0

Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 51 yards, 2:53

What looked like a punt-fest early turned into a Nebraska lead! IT’S SO EXCITING! GOD PLEASE LET IT CONTINUE! (It’s completely appropriate to pray during a game.)

Touchdown scored by Dedrick Mills on a 1-yard plunge up the middle.

Key Play: Adrian Martinez pass complete to Kanawai Noa for 34 yards to the Purdue two yard line on 4th down!

Nebraska 10-0

Darrion Daniels picked off a shovel pass from Jack Plummer. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, he didn’t score.

Nebraska ran a series of plays that could be called... oh, haphazard. First, a shovel pass nearly got picked off. Next Martinez got sacked. Then he scrambled and almost scored.

And then Barrett Pickering kicked a 23-yard field goal.

Nebraska is up by two scores! STOP DRINKING SO MUCH. It’s OKAY!

Nebraska 10-7

Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 89 yards, 4:11

Nebraska’s defense seemed to revert to its old crappy self, giving up a 3rd and 15. Purdue had some chunk plays on the drive.

Jack Plummer rush for 18 yards to the PUR29. King Doerue rush for 25 yards to the NEB46. Plummer pass complete to Milton Wright for 26 yards to the NEB18. Plummer pass complete to Milton Wright for 17 yards to the NEB6.

Score: Purdue 3 yd PASS TD scored by King Doerue

At this point, it could have been, oh, Nebraska 24-0, but NO. Wasted opportunities. Adrian Martinez threw an interception while our beloved Huskers were driving. Drive stalled when Daniels picked off that pass and Nebraska didn’t score a touchdown.

But what else did we expect?

We are not a good football team.

Purdue 14 - Nebraska 10

Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 96 yards, 3:53

Purdue 16 yd PASS TD scored by Payne Durham

They had like two shots at the guy. They didn’t tackle him.


Here’s what the half looks like: