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Nebraska Announces Two Year Contract Extension For Scott Frost

This is a big middle finger to those who would doubt Nebraska’s resolve.

Jon Johnston

Willie Taggart - fired at Florida State before he got through year two.

Chad Morris - fired at Arkansas before he got through year two.

Scott Frost was supposed to have a giant turn around this season. A preseason AP ranking and Frost’s own urging brought much hype to the season. It hasn’t turned out that way. Nebraska has struggled and that struggle, there has been this undercurrent of “Frost isn’t the guy” urged on by a media that loves to do that kind of shit because they are dying wolves biting at their own wounds.

In what can be sign as a giant middle finger to the media and to those curmudgeony fans who just want to be “told you so” bastards later, the University of Nebraska has extended Scott Frost’s contract.

On a hot seat? Yeah, he’s on a hot seat consisting of a giant mountain of money.

He’s our guy. He’s going to be our guy for a long time. Hopefully until after I’m dead.

Once again, here is the full press release, not re-written to pretend it’s a brand new article.

Nebraska to Extend Scott Frost Coaching Contract to 2026

Lincoln, Nebraska – Today, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green and Athletic Director Bill Moos announced a two-year extension of the contract for Husker Football Coach Scott Frost.

In a joint statement they announced, “Two years ago, we had the tremendous opportunity to bring Scott Frost home to Nebraska to lead our football program into the future. We are even more committed to that decision today.

“Coach Frost has shown tremendous leadership in beginning to rebuild our football program. We appreciate that a change of this nature will not happen overnight. We are committed to Scott and the direction he is taking this program.

“Scott is the right coach at the right time for this program. We are excited for the heights to which he will take Nebraska football and the tremendous impact he will have in the development of our student athletes.”

The original terms of Frost’s contact will remain intact, with an extension from December 31, 2024, to December 31, 2026.