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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win This Week: Wisconsin

Get ready for the Huskers to upset the Badgers.

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The crystal ball was donated to a good home last week. I don’t need that thing. I’m pretty sure it was bad luck.

Fool me three times and you’ve got to go.

I may have been fooled a few times this year, but there is one thing I’m sure of, the Huskers will pull out an upset against Wisconsin on Saturday.


In case you missed it Garrett Nelson and Damian Jackson earned Blackshirts this week. Since he had joined the program Nelson has played with an amazing energy. He gives it his all on every down and pulls himself up and keeps on going.

Nelson is going to make an impact in the game on Saturday.

If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Coach Dewitt:


Nebraska is coming off of a bye week. The team will be refreshed and ready to go.

At this point in the season, everybody has some beat up players. The Husker players who didn’t make the trip to Purdue have had an extra week to heal up. Cam Taylor-Britt says he’s back and ready to go. And the Husker defense is going to need him.

The Bye Week has also given the team two weeks to focus on Wisconsin and create the best game plan for them.


Looking at basic statistics the Huskers have to beat Wisconsin soon.

The Badgers have won the last six times the two teams have faced each other. This weekend it will be the Huskers who win it.

The tide also has to turn when it comes to this team finishing games. The Huskers would be 7-2 instead of 4-5 if they would’ve finished all their games this year.

The time has come where The Huskers come out on top of a big win.


The freshmen on this team have been impressive this year. This week the coaches said that they will be playing more of these freshmen this week.

Ty Robinson is set to be rotated in the defensive line this week. He will add some great size to the line at 6’6” and 315 pounds.

Rahmir Johnson still has a couple of games that he can play and still reserve his red shirt. With Wan’Dale Robinson questionable Johnson should be able to add a spark at running back.

Chris Hickman also can play in two more games this year. He was praised by coaches for his blocking and his work ethic. He played sick during the Purdue game and Frost said you wouldn’t have known it. He would also be a big target for Adrian Martinez standing 6’6”.

These freshmen can add so much to this team and help the Huskers come away with a win.


One of Nebraska’s two conference wins this year was against Illinois. In that game Nebraska had over 600 yards of offense. They lost the turnover margin 4 to 1 and still managed to win.

A month later Illinois beat this Wisconsin team, winning that turnover margin 3-1.

Turnovers will be a key to this game. The Huskers can win the turnover margin. They will push through to win this Saturday.

#5 12 ME

I will be at the game on Saturday.

I have never been to a Husker game in which they have lost. My very first game was an exciting double over time win over Iowa State. My roommate wanted to leave early and I made her stay. It was so much fun.

I plan to have so much fun celebrating the Huskers’ win on Saturday as well.