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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Wisconsin

Well friends...expect it to be bad because it is going to be bad

Iowa v Wisconsin Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Yes! Finally! It all started in 2017 when I began writing for Corn Nation. My weekly column was Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win. I did that for two seasons. How many games did Nebraska win both of those season? Four.

How many games have we won this year? Four.

Something has to change. Somebody has to reverse the bad juju. So I have volunteered to do Five to Lose for this week. Evan, our brave one, is currently on the mend.

Remember that tomorrow BriannaC will be publishing our Five Reasons We Will Win, so don’t blow up my emails and tell me how much you hate me. Unless you really want to.


Nebraska Has Never Been Able to Stop Wisconsin’s Rushing Attack

You know the Alonzo Mourning GIF where he just shakes his head in anger/disbelief and then it quickly changes to acceptance? Well that was my response when I saw Sipple’s tweet. 8.1 yards per carry given up by the Nebraska defense over the past six games? That is so bad that it can’t be true. However, then you think back to all of the black-out memories and you remember. Yep, 8.1 yards per carry is about right.

Look at 2012. That was a nightmare.

However, over the past eight games Nebraska has only won once. Do we really expect anything to be different?

Jonathan Taylor is the Best Wisconsin Running Back Nebraska Has Seen Since Joining the Big Ten.

Talk about an embarrassment of riches. Melvin Gordon, Montee Ball, James White, Oluwadare “Dare” Ogunbowale and then finally Jonathan Taylor. If I was his adviser I would tell him to declare early for the draft.

Only been held under 100 yards rushing in two games this season. Ohio State and Michigan State. I think we should be happy if he only gets 125 yards rushing. That would probably be considered a win.

Then he has added receiving to his game. He has already more receptions THIS YEAR (18), than he has the past two seasons COMBINED (16). He’s only getting better. That fact does not bode well for Nebraska.

Plus it sounds like Darrion Daniels might be out for the game.

Wisconsin’s Ability to Control the Ball is Exactly What Nebraska Doesn’t Want







40:49 - Loss to Illinois

28:02 - Loss to Ohio State


Those are the time of possession numbers for Wisconsin in each of their games this season.

Nebraska’s average time of possession this season is 27:32. Wisconsin’s average time of possession 36:52.

This is where Wisconsin breaks the backs of their opponents and steals their souls. It is even worse this year because of their defense. Add a great defense with an offense that will put together double digit play drives, one after the other, and it just snow balls.

So where do you think Wisconsin nationally ranks in terms of time of possession?

Numero uno.

What about Nebraska?


It’s going to be bad.

Wisconsin Has A Championship Level Defense

I understand that the statistic of “scoring defense” isn’t as informative when it comes to the qualitative aspect of a college football defense. Especially when these offenses run so many plays and have so many more possession.

Regardless, Wisconsin’s “scoring defense” is ranked 7th in the country. The teams in front of them are Ohio State, Georgia, Utah, Iowa, Penn State, and Clemson. So I think that the statistic still tells quite the story.

What is that story? That the Wisconsin defense is legit.

Nebraska’s story on offense? They are ranked 82nd.

Not a good matchup.

This is 2019 Nebraska.

Is there anything to hang your hat on for Nebraska this season?

Offense? Nope. Nebraska continues to struggle to finish out drives.

Defense? Nope. The “Blackshirts” go through long sustained struggles against teams that have trouble scoring or moving the ball in the past.

Wisconsin has no problems on that front.