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Nebraska Sweeps MSU in Jenison Field House

Husker Volleyball came into East Lansing on a weekday match night and took care of business.

2018 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

NU walks away with a road win, 25-20, 25-18, 25-23. Nebraska was there to take care of business. There was some fire in the celebration but it was mostly down and dirty. They were there to earn points, be efficient and win.

I haven’t seen Nebraska on the road before, but was lucky enough to be able to see this match in person. I was impressed. Maybe they are different on the road, or maybe they are switching into a new gear to prepare for post season.

Set one was the most back an forth set of the night, and seemed in question about halfway through when Coach Cook called a time out, Huskers struggling. After that time out, the match wasn’t in question again. There were some good rallies where both teams dug balls and swung hard on out of system balls, but Nebraska was always in control of the match.

Nebraska’s passing was consistent and one of the major differences between the two teams. The serve receive pattern really only includes Sun, Knuckles, Kubik and Miller now. Jazz Sweet will look like she is in there but fade to the side or run to get in position to hit as the ball is tossed.

This limit on players passing the ball works to make passing more consistent. It is also something I suspect the team worked on all season and is now ready to implement. As the four primary passers improved, the coaches could give them more of the court to pass and eliminate passers that are less consistent. This improvement is of huge importance in the post season.

Post season is only three weeks away. Each match is building for something bigger and urgency is escalating. Next, Nebraska hosts Iowa on Saturday at 7 pm in the Devaney Center.