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Nebrasketball: Stats, Stats, & More Up-to-date Stats Galore!

KenPom/RPI/BPI/NET, oh my! A quick rundown on current rankings for the Huskers. You’re not in football season anymore Fred.

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Moving forward, this won’t be a weekly column. Probably something more like monthly. However, given we finally have games on the stats sheet to give us a better idea of teams instead of our all-seeing media elite’s opinions, I thought I’d plug in the updated rankings and let you all see where the Huskers and B1G are sorting themselves out to in the early happenings of season play.

Conference Standings

This part will come into play once we actually start conference play in three weeks, but in the meantime here are the teams in KenPom pre-season order so you know this will be a part of the column moving forward.

Michigan State Spartans
Purdue Boilermakers
Ohio State Buckeyes
Maryland Terrapins
Michigan Wolverines
Indiana Hoosiers
Illinois Fighting Illini
Iowa Hawkeyes
Penn State Nittany Lions
Wisconsin Badgers
Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Northwestern Wildcats
Nebraska Cornhuskers


The Huskers stay in last place in the B1G in KenPom. Adjusted offense is 191st with a 97.4 rating. Adjusted defense is 99th with a 95.4 rating. Adjusted tempo is 44th with a 74.2 rating.

The overall conference is as follows:

Other notable non-con opponents include Creighton 31st, Georgia Tech 60th, and Washington St. at 133rd. Upcoming South Dakota State is 193rd.

As for KenPom, it is a purely predictive ratings system. KenPom is designed to tell you how well a team will perform if they play tonight, not taking into account injuries or emotional factors. It isn’t designed to tell you how well a team has played all season.


Yes, it is defunct (long overdue) now as the criteria used by the NCAA selection committee, but we still use it in the sport for some reason. So here I am to tell you all about the Huskers and B1G RPI projections entering the season! Prognosis: not very good in the early season thus far. Nebraska, despite being 0-2, is not at the bottom of the conference, though!


Nebraska currently sits at 107th in BPI right now, down 27 spots from the start of the season.

BPI is still high on the B1G, with 6 still teams in the BPI top 25, better than any other conference. All but two teams remain within the top 100, Northwestern and Nebraska being the odd men out.


Joe Lunardi won’t have updated predictions out until Friday, so nothing for you here. I’ll have the then current projections in the next update.


It will be a bit before NET rankings are out. We’ll get into it when they finally are, though.

Fun Category

For the first time ever in the history of the AP Poll, two different #1 teams have both lost a game in the first two weeks of the season. Evansville Purple Aces showed up to Rupp Arena and escaped the last seconds with a win over the #1 Kentucky Wildcats! Signs of a crazy season to come, or just a particular season of rust being cleaned off? Let us know which you think in the comments! Also, oh joy, now Duke will likely sit at #1 for the time being...