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Nebraska Football: Game Times and TV Information Set for Rest of Regular Season

As long as you have BTN you get to watch the next three Husker games

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Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We have seen a trickle of information about the final three Husker football games of the 2019 regular season. I thought it would be helpful to throw it all into one place so you can plan your Saturdays!

Wisconsin - November 16 - 11 am CT

The Huskers and Badgers will compete for the Freedom Trophy at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The game will kick off at 11 am CT. The game will be televised by BTN. Ticket prices are as low as $25 (as of today, who knows what they will be by Saturday). Check those out here.

Maryland - November 23 - 2:30 pm CT

Nebraska - Maryland will kick off at 2:30 pm CT and will be televised on BTN. No cheesy corporate sponsored trophies are on the line for this one.

Iowa - November 29 - 1:30 pm CT

Nebraska vs Iowa is set for Friday, November 29 at 1:30 pm and will be on BTN. The winner gets the Heroes Trophy, which isn’t nearly as cool as the Broken Chair, but the game does include the honoring of actual local heroes, one each from Iowa and Nebraska. Last year’s heroes were both honored for their quick thinking and actions to help people at the scenes of car/bus accidents.

As most of us know, the Huskers record sits at 4-5 and they need to win two out of these three in order to go bowling and gain some valuable extra practice time - and avoid a third straight year with a losing record. The task looks tough with Wisconsin 7-2 overall and ranked #15. Iowa is 6-3 overall but is in SBNation’s FanPulse in the “also receiving votes” category. Maryland may be 3-7 overall, but Husker fans know all too well (after losing to a two-win Purdue team) that nothing is a gimme for Nebraska right now.