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Friday Flakes: A Nebraska Football Scouting Advantage

Great things come in threes.

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Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

When looking at the Nebraska football team there are clear disadvantages all over the place. This is not to say that there are not. However, you go with the guys that you have. You work with the ingredients in your kitchen. You...

Well you get it.

Today at the media session with Coach Frost, which lasted approximately four minutes, he was asked how pre-season Heisman hopeful Adrian Martinez looked this week at practice. His answer was as follows:

“Adrian looks like he has dark hair and weighs about 225 pounds. That’s how he looks.”

Some could say that he is merely losing his patience with the media and the constant questions (which is their job). I however think the answer is just an example of some gamesmanship.

Out of all of the warts which surround the 2019 Nebraska football season one thing that has become clear to me is that Nebraska has three very capable and talented quarterbacks. Now if Adrian Martinez is completely healthy, then he is number one. However, he may not be healthy.

So there is the advantage. Which quarterback does Purdue need to prepare for? There is only so much time that these coaches can spend at practice preparing for a game that it would be much easier if they knew which quarterback they would be seeing.

The packages of plays for the three quarterbacks are likely different, even though the coaches might not say so. Luke McCaffrey is not running the same stuff as Adrian Martinez and Noah Vedral.

So there you go. Nebraska has a scouting advantage. Three very capable and talented quarterbacks and Purdue does not know which one they will be seeing.

Now, it would be more ideal if they weren’t all hurt.

Get Used to the Fred Hoiberg Shot Chart

This is how basketball is played in the NBA. They believe the mid-range jump shot is the worst shot in basketball. It is either shots at the rim or three pointers. I present to you, the first-half shot chart from the Nebraska game against Doane (as a Nebraska Wesleyan alum I guess I’m supposed to hate them).

Tim Miles Stays Classy

This says a lot about Tim Miles. While he probably has his qualms about Nebraska, he obviously cares about the people that he got to meet during this time here. To be honest, if I was fired by Nebraska, it might be hard to be like him.

Sports! Sports! Sports!

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The Huskers wrapped up their week of work inside the Hawks Championship Center on Thursday, with Scott Frost addressing the media a final time before the game at Purdue.

Here's the complete rundown of what was said:

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How the Cardinals' Kyler Murray uses chess to stay (at least) one step ahead
Michael Staten saw it before anyone else did.

How Kyler Murray outthought and outmaneuvered his opponents. How Murray processed information, quickly solving problems. How he won gracefully and humbly and led by example. How he became popular despite being soft-spoken.

And Staten saw Murray win. A lot. But not on the football field. Not on the baseball diamond either.

No, Staten witnessed all of these traits while Murray sat behind a chessboard.


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A Corn Nation Contest

The person who gives me the best response to this tweet wins....

at life.

My response was “Mike Riley is Nebraska’s new coach.” Pretty terrifying if you ask me.

The Best Thing(s) I Saw On The Internet This Week

Our friends over at Crimson Quarry were fully embracing the Nebraska hate they were receiving last week after their AD complained about the lack of respect. I don’t blame them.