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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win This Week: Purdue

It’s November and the Huskers are ready to roll.

Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Two losses in a row.


This is really ruining my reputation around this place.

Everyone is making fun of me. They no longer believe that I have psychic powers and they think I just ordered my crystal ball from Amazon. It’s been a rough time.

I’m confident that this week will change all that though. The Huskers are going to win at Purdue and my reputation and crystal ball will be okay.


It’s uncertain which quarterback Nebraska will be playing this week, as all three are a bit banged up.

Adrian Martinez told reporters earlier this week that he was feeling “ready to go” for Purdue. If that’s the case, I am hoping to see a lot more of this:

It doesn’t matter though, the Huskers are in good hands with any of their top three quarterbacks. Adrian Martinez, Noah Vedral, and Luke McCaffrey have all proven that they’ve got talent and can lead this team down the field and score.

Noah Vedral can also catch the ball.

Here’s a little of Luke too.


Stick with me on this one. Last week the offensive line looked better than I feel they have most of the year. I believe we will continue to see improvements this week.

Purdue’s defense is ranked 11th in the Big Ten in rush defense and 12th in pass defense. This looks to be a favorable match up for the Nebraska offense. The line will hold and give who ever is quarterback a chance to make the passes to win the game.


Turnovers will be the key to this game.

Both Nebraska and Purdue have struggled with turnovers this year. Nebraska is ranked 11th in the Big Ten for turnover margin while Purdue is ranked 12th.

Nebraska’s defense has shown that they know how to cause turnovers. They just haven’t done a lot of it in recent weeks. They are going to hone in and make sure that the Huskers win the turnover battle on Saturday.


Welcome to a new month folks!

September was a decent month for Nebraska. That is until the end when they faced Ohio State, but we aren’t going to get into that.

That game led into October, which was a rough month for the Husker faithful.

Don’t fear, we are in a new month and this will be a good month for Nebraska. Last year, November was a good month for the Huskers. They picked up two good wins, and had two games that had the Husker faithful eager for the new football season to start.

This year November will be productive for the Huskers as well. They are going to start it off with a win on Saturday.

#5 Wan’Dale Magic

His name may have been mentioned a time or two as a reason for Nebraska to win, but there’s good reason for that. Wan’Dale Robinson seems to have the magic touch on the field.

Last week against Indiana he rushed for 83 yards and had 71 yards receiving. He makes plays when nothing seems to be there and despite his small frame, he’s tough to bring down.

Not only does he make plays for the team on the field, he also is turning into an outspoken leader.

This mature and talented true freshman is sure to lead Nebraska to a win on Saturday.