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Chair Week! Top Songs with the Word “Chair” in the Title

It’s my list and I get to rank them however I want.

Wooden Chair Trophy

If you didn’t already know, it is CHAIR WEEK! If you haven’t gone over to the broken chair website and donated on behalf of Team Jack and Nebraska fans, do it now!

In honor of chair week, we have created a series of weird and unrelated articles about chairs. Much like the origin story of the coolest trophy in all of college football.

Without further ado, here are my top five songs with the word “Chair” in the title. Maybe these aren’t really a top 5 and more like “the most eclectic sounding collection I could make around the theme of chairs”.


5. I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair - George Jones

4. Big Chair - Tears for Fears

3. Rocking Chair Trucker - Walter Brennan

2. Angry Chair - Alice in Chains

1. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair - They Might Be Giants