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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference: Martinez May Be “Day to Day”

The process. Get better. Day by day.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Scott Frost

When asked about how he plans on handling the quarterback situation: Planning on waiting to see where Adrian Martinez is throughout the week. If they have to go with Noah Vedral and Luke McCaffrey then he feels fine with that because they have been getting reps all fall long.

How the bye-week plays into that decision process: Frost isn’t too sure that it plays into it at all. It will all depend on the health of Adrian Martinez. If he’s healthy, then he will go. The bye-week will be welcomed by several players on the team because it’s been a long stretch of games. It’s a one-week season. Play the best they can and then move forward.

How much practice will Martinez need to have in order to play: He will need to practice a little.

Thoughts on Luke McCaffrey since he has been here: Luke is a special athlete and is going to be a special player. They want to save his years so they need to be smart on how they play him. When Adrian went out Coach Verduzco asked Frost about who goes in if Noah’s helmet pops off. Frost said “Luke” without thinking about it. Then it happened the next play. Said it was unfortunate he was out there. Regardless he will not play more than four games this season.

Diagnosis on Adrian Martinez: “He’ll be alright.”

Diagnosis on JD Spielman: “He’ll be alright.”

How he felt Noah Vedral dealt with the high snap: They tell the players all the time that if there is a bubble call or an RPO then to go get outside and throw the ball away. So Vedral did a good job saving what could have been a negative play.

On the snap issues: They’ve had issues all year. It has actually gotten better, progressively. It’s hard for the quarterbacks to play well when there are so many unknowns and the snap i s the first one. The snaps have gotten better but they still need to improve.

Thoughts on Minnesota: First off they are undefeated. Big and physical upfront. Efficient quarterback and two really good wide receivers. Defensively they are more sound than they saw last year. They are more athletic. Definitely have improved.

Since they played last year Minnesota is 9-2 and Nebraska is 8-4: What have the two programs done right: He can’t speak for row the boat guy, but he knows that it is just a process. Have to get better every day.

Does it feel like he’s won 75% of the last 12 games: Doesn’t have a clue.* All he knows is that he’s in the middle of this process trying to get the program to where they want it to be.

*I’m starting to get bored with this article so I might as well have some fun from here on out

How Mo Washington responded to the disciplinary action of him missing the first half of the game against Northwestern: Sitting him the first half was Frost’s decision. Washington wasn’t living up to the standard that is set. How did he respond? That remains to be seen. We will find out this week. (seems like he didn’t think he responded very well) If he responds well then it’ll be “water under the bridge.” My sources have indicated to me that Mo actually dunked on Frost in a pick-up basketball game.*

*I don’t have sources.

How to navigate a “young” offense., a.k.a. a “bad offense”: There are going to be ups and downs. The one thing they did is that they did not turn it over. That was probably the difference in the game. Young offenses make mistakes so they need to limit the mistakes.

What about the weather and do you adjust your play sheet: Hoping for the best preparing for the worst.

What he saw from Vedral in high school which lead to him offering Noah: He knows the family. Played with two of his uncles. Was a multi-sport athlete. With the hurdles time he ran in track Frost knew he had the speed he wanted.

How basketball made Vedral a better football player: There aren’t enough kids playing more than one sport. Specializing is great but track makes you faster, basketball helps you with body control and working in space. Wants to recruit as many multi-sport athletes as possible. It means they love competition.

How he would compare Matt Turman and Noah: Noah is taller. Matt is a friend and won some games for Nebraska in key moments.

On the wide receivers: Need to see more improvement at that position. Need to start pushing the ball down the field. Receivers had a really good practice today and hopefully that translates to the game.

Have they considered redshirting Barret Pickering: They haven’t talked about it. Just hoping he comes back sooner than later.

With a bye-week following this game, how much are they asking the players to pour into this week: Everything. It is a one-week season. Wake up Sunday morning. Be either 4-3 or 5-2.

How much time do they spend trying to plan on dealing with the four game redshirt rule: Hard to have a plan going into the season when things change so much week-to-week. They talk every week.

Is there an example of a player who in the past you would have just straight up torched that red-shirt and played them, but now you don’t have to: Rahmir Johnson. He can help us now and has been practicing really well. He’s at two games. They are going to do everything they can to keep him at four games. However, you never know what will happen.

Time spent as a staff looking at the execution on the field goal: They’ve watched it several times. The past couple weeks teams have been going over the long-snapper. He wants to get clarification on that rule. They got movement because they had two guys in the A gap and trucked the long-snapper into oblivion. Kick was too low. They earned a break and got one at the end of the game.

Frustration with the production of Kanawai Noa: Can’t say enough about Noah but he will give it at try. Good football player. Great person. Tough. Practices his butt off. Surprised that the game hasn’t afforded him more opportunities to make plays. That can’t keep up. It’ll have to swing the other way at some point.

On today’s practice: Cleanest Monday practice of the year. Good energy. Good execution. Kept it a little more simple today. Not many balls on the ground.

Thoughts on the Minnesota wide receivers: Johnson is probably the best but they have several good wide receivers.

On Cam Taylor: You’ve seen how good Cam can be. He can play any spot. He provides the team a bunch of flexibility.

More encouraging aspect of the defense: Just continuing to see improvement. Credit to Coach Chinander. Didn’t play well against Ohio State or the 4th quarter against Colorado. Otherwise been really good.

On his offense in the Big Ten: Big Ten is a grown man’s lead. If you want to run the ball then you’ll need grown men blocking.

Did his Dad talk about his game in Minnesota: Dad talks about every game he played. He seen pictures of that game since he could walk.

Noah Vedral

Matt Farniok

Darrion Daniels