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Chair! Chair! Chair! This is my chair but it is not THE Chair! $5 Bits Of Broken Trophy Week!

Donate! It’s for a worthy cause!

Nikki Moore Photography

This is an exciting week in the Johnston household!!

My oldest son (not the rotten one) is buying a townhome and moving out!!!!! I am exciting for him and his GF and my (kind of) granddaughter so they can get their own place!!!!!! They will be removing a gob of stuff from my house!!!!! They will be leaving so we can all enjoy each other’s lives!!!!!

I am using too many exclamation points!??!!?!?!!


Look at this!!!!

This is my chair. This has been my office the last 2.5 years. It’s not a good office. My posture is that of an 855-year old man. This is not good. When the kids move out, I will have a real office!


I’m also excited about this upcoming game at Minnesota! We’re going to remove them from the ranks of the unbeaten!

This is the greatest week ever!

How to Participate

They are trying to raise $20,000 this year. That’s a hefty goal, but we can DO IT!

The Nebraska money goes to the Team Jack Foundation. I just made a $100 donation! You can too!

Donations! - Donations can be made at and are 100% tax deductible. Help our efforts by sharing on social media, telling your friends and family, and getting your employer to match your contribution!

Game Day Festivities! - Husker and Gopher fans are invited to attend gameday activities on October 12th in Minneapolis, MN. The trophy will be available for photos and Team Chair will be taking donations at the Goal Line Club tailgate! Fans at the East River Flats are hosting fundraising tailgate game tourneys, and we encourage other tailgate groups to get creative with their own fundraising ideas.

Post Game Celebration! - Join Team Chair to celebrate this year’s fundraising at post game appearances on October 12th in Minneapolis, MN. More details on location and time to come!

Stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook, and for more events announced in the coming weeks!