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Fan Pulse Week 6: Penn State Enters the Top Ten

The Buckeyes move ahead of Georgia and the Spartans drop out of the poll after Week Six

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Five Big Ten teams remain in the SBNation FanPulse poll after six weeks of play. Ohio State continues their relentless march up the polls after a dominant victory over a previously-ranked Michigan State squad.

Nebraska’s next opponent, Minnesota (UNDEFEATED MINNESOTA) is in the “Also receiving votes” category. Minnesota fans have their team ranked #21 (so, does that mean they think South Dakota State is #22, Fresno State is #23 and Georgia Southern is #24)?

Michigan’s slide in the polls was stopped by their boring win over equally boring Iowa. That was the only game that kept the Battle for NU from being the B1G-est game of the week.

Alabama and Clemson continue to be the overall #1 and #2 according to fans. Nebraska voters see it a little differently as they have the Buckeyes #1 overall. No real surprise there.

This week’s top 25:

Also receiving votes:

  • Baylor
  • Memphis
  • Minnesota
  • Michigan State
  • Cincinnati

Fan Confidence

Husker fans continue to be confidence in the direction of the football program with 90% saying “yes”.

The ballot also asked about the most anticipated games this week. Y’all voted (all of SBNation voters, not just Husker fans):

  • Oklahoma vs. Texas - 38.5%
  • Florida vs. LSU - 32%
  • Penn State vs. Iowa - 10.1%
  • USC vs. Notre Dame - 8.3%
  • FSU vs. Clemson - 5.1%
  • Alabama vs. Texas A&M - 4.3%
  • Bucknell vs. Colgate - 1.7%

There you have it Corn Nation. Are there any surprises or problems you see in the polls this week?