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Nebraska Leads Northwestern 10-3 At Half In A Rock Fight


Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images


7-0 Nebraska

It’s looking like Nebraska is getting drug into a rock fight early, but on THIS drive, Wan’Dale Robinson lines up in the backfield and makes a beautiful cut at the line to race 42 yards for a touchdown.

Key words; RACE, CUT

10-0 Nebraska

Nebraska’s Lane McCallum kicks a 35-year field goal. Our beloved Huskers are up two scores. Nebraska had a fourth in which they could have gone, but our beloved Scott Frost decided to let Lane McCallum have a shot at a field goal.


Because Frost is wise. We need a kicker.

(Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 61 yards, 5:10)


Northwestern’s offense is inept and horrifying. It’s 2009 Nebraska horrifying. Yet them damned nerds go down the field well enough to put the game within one score.

The other NU made a 40 yard field goal to make it a one-score game.

(Scoring Drive: 9 plays, 23 yards, 3:00)

Summary of Half

This game deserves more than a 10-3 half lead by Nebraska. That’s what every team says about playing that other NU.