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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Northwestern

Nebraska and Northwestern always play close, but the Huskers will come out on top.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 Ohio State at Nebraska Photo by Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Every time I hear the name of that school, all I can think of is the 2013 Hail Mary from Ron Kellog III to Jordan Westerkamp.

And well, we all know how wonderful that was.

This game will also end in a win, but the Huskers will make sure that the ending isn’t quite so exciting.


Last week’s loss to Ohio State was painful. It was painful to watch and I am certain it was painful to play in and coach in. The Huskers don’t want to have that painful feeling again this year.

On Saturday they are going to play like a team with something to prove. After their loss to Colorado, Nebraska had a solid showing against Northern Illinois. The same thing will happen on Saturday.

These Huskers are going to be just fine.


Northwestern’s offense is near the bottom of the nation for total offense. They average about 293 yards and 15 points per game.

Northwestern’s passing offense is ranked at the bottom of the Big Ten. Quarterback Hunter Johnson is not passing effectively. He has not been the quarterback he was thought to be when he first transferred from Clemson. He also sat out of part of the game against Wisconsin last week due to a knee injury. This could be a big game for the Husker’s defensive backfield.

Their rushing offense is much better. But, they are suffering from injuries to some of their key players. Isaiah Bowser is listed as questionable for Saturday and has not been at full strength since his injury against Stanford in Week 1.

Nebraska’s defense can capitalize on Northwestern’s offense or lack there of and come up big this week.


This weekend is homecoming for the Huskers. Nebraska has an 84-21-4 all time record for homecoming games.

I like those odds.


Rahmir Johnson is finally listed on the depth chart. Many Husker fans have been waiting to see him in action all year.

He has been out due to injury all season but Coach Frost said he is “okay” and ready to help.

He could be a game changer for the Huskers. Johnson is really fast. He plans to run track at Nebraska in the spring.

Northwestern won’t have any video of Johnson to help them prepare for him and he may throw their defense for a loop. I’m hoping to see him break loose several times in Saturdays game.

Rahmir Johnson is going to give the Huskers an extra sparkle on offense.


In the first quarter of last week’s game there was a series in which Nebraska was driving on Ohio State. It was old school Nebraska and it was a beautiful sight. This was the only time that Ohio State’s defense did not look one step ahead of the Husker offense.

Many wondered why Nebraska did not try this formation more during the game. Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters had a reason for that.

Nebraska has some tricks up their sleeves and they are going to pull out some new/old weapons this weekend.

Northwestern doesn’t stand a chance.