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Happy Halloween Game Thread!!!!

Oklahoma v Baylor Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images


It’s Halloween!

What are you guys doing tonight?

I plan to hide in my office. MY OFFICE. It’s kind of like hiding in the basement, but not that deep in the house. Point is, now that kids have moved out, I have a room for an office. I’m still waiting for a desk worth of my talents, but it’s been ordered and on the way. In the meantime, this beautiful floral patio furniture will work.

Once upon a time I used to hand out Halloween candy. Sometimes I handed out onions and potatoes, but those days are gone now. Now we have an energetic 100-lb dog named Esther who explodes with glee whenever the door bell rings. I’m not going to deal with that this evening, so hide in the office it is.

There’s football this evening:

Georgia Southern at Appalachian State 7:00 pm ESPNU

West Virginia at Baylor 7:00 pm ESPN

Baylor is 7-0 and ranked 12th.

I wanted to point that out before someone else did and then started lamenting that Baylor has turned themselves around and why can’t Nebraska and Scott Frost and BOO HOOO HOOOOO FUCKING HOOOO.

Going through life constantly comparing yourself to those better off than you is a sure way to make sure you stay miserable. Plus I’m sure it’s a sin, like envy. Or jealousy. Leads to gluttony because then you start drinking way too much. Combine it with selfishness because you’ve decided you’re going to eat that Halloween candy yourself instead of giving it away and you’ll end up a complete, total bastard that no one wants to be around.


San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals 7:20 PM Fox, NFL Network